Teenagers -an important phase of life

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Teenages are the most crucial phase in life. If the teenagers are not protected by the parents and the elderly relatives, there is a risk to ruin their life.Teenage thoughts and ideas should be given due importance and corrective measures should be taken forthwith.

Who are teenagers?

If we consider the life as a whole,teen ages occupy the most important phase in the entire life.This phase centres round the teenagers. These teen ages are crucial ,sensitive and emotional. We may address them as teenagers whose ages vary. from 13(thirteen) to 19(nineteen).Psychologically both the boys and the girls grow differently in the society.Biologically they grow up with certain hormonal changes in their body and thus influence their mind.They live in their age of tension. They are unable to express their own words if they are not given proper training and they are not close to either of the parents.So the parents have a great responsibility to maintain a close association with their sons and daughters to avert the untoward situation.It is generally noticed that most of the boys and girls are law abiding,attentive to their studies and follow the advice of their parents and the elderly relatives. But in few cases the boys and girls become arrogant,inattentive to their studies and suppress the facts which are beyond the knowledge of their parents and senior members of the family.They do not know the ill-effects of their doing. When it comes into the knowledge of their guardians , the situation has become worse,then leads to sufferings of both the children and the elders. Corrective measures are also too late.In spite of that adequate steps should be taken for correction. It is generally observed that if immediate steps are taken in the matter,the unruly boys and girls are restored to the original position of obedience.It goes without saying that the teenage boys and girls are the backbone of the family in the society.They should be regarded as asset to the family.How they will be moulded depends upon the attitude of the family.The parents are the real hero and heroine before their teenagers. They try to follow them accordingly.

How to utilise teenage time

Teenagers are the connecting bridge between childhood and adulthood.Initially they think that they will reach growing up young adults very soon.But it will take time to reach out there. Before that,they will have to groom themselves.They will have to cultivate hobby to pass the favourite pastime. They will have to undertake the training of fine arts like drawing, painting,singing ,dancing etc, They will have to undergo training in yogic exercises, swimming, cycling, car driving etc If they undertake yogic exercises, they can make their body fit.If they play in indoor games and outdoor games,they will make their body stout and strong.Similarly if they remain attentive to their studies,and follow the advice of their parents and teachers, it is sure that they may succeed in life and they will come out successful in life. It is no doubt that they will lead a normal life in the long run.

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