Teenage Tantrums

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The whole page is about teenagers and their behavior pattern.


Teenage. The age when all sorts of problems crop up confusing the mind. The age where choosing a right path and treading the right way almost seems impossible. Being a teenager myself, I think i would be able to give you a right account of the tantrums we face in life.

Behaviour Patterns

When I was thirteen..... I felt a sudden flux of vigor in me like never before. I was feeling as if I am now mature enough to take my own decisions. Whenever I was scolded by my parents I felt that they were stupid and very backward in their thoughts. I never liked being restricted to do something even if it was bad. I was able to know that I was taking few bad decisions but couldn't help.
The most noticeable change is found in their attitude and dressing sense. They start to focus on their sex appeal and see to it that they get maximum attention from the opposite sex.

Sexual behaviour

With teenage come puberty and with it comes the curiosity of experimenting with it. The most common thing that teenagers do is explore the world of porn. A time comes when they start feeling low about themselves after watching those stupid videos. They think that their appearance is not up to the mark or they should work out for that perfect shape. They even try to increase the sizes of their private parts- the most useless experiment.
Masturbation becomes a habit and for some an addiction. They try to persuade the opposite sex for some intimate pleasure and if its not possible turn towards the same gender with similar intentions for some sexual activity. If not realized soon, it may lead to an anarchy about the sexuality of the person.

love life

In this age trying to avoid infatuation almost is impossible. One who cannot resist this temptation always lands in trouble and is left behind in the rat race of life. He/she tries to prioritize their attraction over their academics/ career.

I have also noticed that if parents restrict their children too much or if they interfere too much with the child's life, He/ she tends to go in the restricted path more. They will start to feel that there is something adventurous in that restricted path and may be taking a risk would be thrilling.


Smoking, alcohol, drugs, sex and porn. Some of the few addiction problems that most teenagers face. If not for self discipline, anyone can easily fall prey to such evils. I remember friends making fun of me because i neither smoke nor booze. But that never bothered me. because I knew my priorities and importantly the ill effects of such habits.

Reasons for addictions:
1. Most of them feel that it adds to style.
2. Peer pressure.
3. Curiosity
4. Ignorance.

I see people in my collage, who just sit in their rooms, smoke, drink, play computer games, watch porn or just sleep. They are not bothered about their future. Because of these addictions they have shunned the real world for their world of idiotic pleasures.

Some ways not to misuse the strength of teenage.

For people who don't know, let me tell you that teenage is that phase of life when a human is at his/her highest levels of mental and physical abilities. Proper use of these strengths can result in miracles.

1. Understand and respect the sacrifices of parents. When ever I am lured by anything i
always think of my parents especially mom- her love, her sacrifices and it always
2. Always keep in mind that whatever parents tell us its for our own good. They have
seen this world and experienced it much better than us. I am very grateful to my mom
for correcting me whenever I was wrong and now I can proudly say that i am very
successful today because of that.
3. Take lessons about smoking, alcohol and other addictions seriously. Its not for marks
that you write the answers in exams. Exam is the pretext that you learn the things
necessary for a righteous living.
4. Always living life without any limits will only lead to failure. You can extend that
goodness to infinity but always keep the evils at the origin.

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3rd Mar 2013 (#)

It's always good to get the views of a teenager. I find that most are doing okay.

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4th Mar 2013 (#)

Good observations and advice.

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