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Summer for teens is still filled with events, learning opportunities and lots of fun. Welcome to my summer guide for teens and parents.

Introduction To Teenage Summer Activities

Summer is a lot of fun, but it's also a time for mapping out the future and learning new skills. Most parents are concerned with how teens will spend their time from early June to late August. In this article, I'll discuss family time, summer education in the home and physical fitness. This is a guide to keeping teens occupied during the summer months.

Teenagers Connecting To Nature

When my husband was a boy he enjoyed collecting rocks and shells along the Texas coast with his grandfather who was a geologist. Never under estimate the potential for a childhood hobby to turn into a lifelong interest. One of his favorite places to take our children is Dinosaur Valley in Glen Rose. Together, they explore fossils and minerals. Just about everywhere we go they're picking up rocks and discussing the properties and origins with their dad. Rock collecting is appropriate for people of all ages so teenagers may find they aren't likely to out grow it. They won't have trouble finding their subject matter either. As my daughter used to say when she was younger, " rocks are everywhere."

Last spring our daughter took up bird watching. She was fourteen at the time. All she really needed was a guide book to help her identify the various species and a pair of trusty binoculars. We took her to a public park where she kept an eye on the skies and she also watched the birds in our yard. Her hobby was cat approved and parent appreciated. Your teen can check out a book from the local library to get them started on new hobbies such as rock collecting or bird watching. Again, this is something they can do until they're eighty.

You're never too old to go fishing with your father. The next time the weekend rolls around they should pack him up and take him out on the water. He will surely reward their enthusiasm by allowing them to bait the hook and clean the fish. In fact, teach a teen to fish and they will always be self sufficient.

Teens Staying Active In Summer

There are many ways for teens to stay physically fit in the summer. When I was about thirteen I preferred walking or running the track over sports, but I've grown to understand the importance of good coordination. Sports also help kids build up strength in the core muscles. Of course, team spirit never hurt anyone either. Keep in mind, there is a game out there for every person willing to learn through commitment and perseverance. For some folks it's all about winning, but teaching less enthusiastic children to play for fun is probably the best lesson yet. Some sports only require a minimum of two players such as tennis and basketball. Maybe, they will meet other players when they get out on the court. There are summer leagues who gladly accept sign ups, but depending on the sport you might find this is not always necessary. Talk with your teen and find out what they prefer after consulting your spouse and your family budget.

We're really fortunate to live near a city park where a host of activities are offered free of charge. They even have a tennis court in addition to horse shoes, ball fields, and a paved walking path as well as a dock and pond loaded with fish. It only came to our attention they had expanded the park to include all these amenities a few years ago when we happened to be driving around in search of new ideas. So, you certainly want to keep your eyes and ears open. You just might find a skate park has popped up in your area. It happened to us complete with ramps galore and it's also free of charge! Most places have at least something you don't know about going on for the kids. Google your hometown and surrounding locations today.

Teens will sometimes surprise you. The first time I discovered water aerobics it was clear to me the adult ladies had been holding out on me. To this day at 38 years of age it is the coolest exercise in the world! With this in mind, don't be too shy to introduce your sixteen year old son to golf and it's possible your teen daughter will really flip out over square dancing.

A couple of summers ago our kids took a hip hop dance class. Our son was twelve at the time. His sister who was fourteen practiced in the yard with him when they prepared for recitals.Such fun it was to watch them filled with energy and excitement.

Summer Reading For Teens

Summer reading isn't just for the elementary grades. At our public library, our daughter received an Ipod last year for her participation in the summer reading program through the teen division. Now, they're allowing adults to sign up and I'm thinking about it.

It's easy to turn a spare bedroom into a private study quarters. Your teen just needs a desk and chair along with a bookcase full of books. You might add a radio, because they love music at this age. A computer if you have one makes for an endless array of educational resources. Teens will surprise you. They may actually like to study whether they've known a great deal of academic success or not. Sometimes being told to study and being encouraged aren't exactly the same. A good rule in the summer is to keep the living room television off until at least five o'clock. This way they will have to do something else such as read or play basketball. Also, set limits with other technological devises unless it's being used to learn new skills or facts.

This is the perfect time to thumb through college catalogs and plan for the future. You can help your teen by gathering information for them on careers and job skill development. It will be up to them to go through it all. Suggest keeping a career journal so they can jot down requirements for their favorite possible majors. Go over any terms which may be new to them. Explain the two year degree and talk about vocational options if applicable to your teen. It might be helpful to have them keep a list of life skills they need to master before going off to college such as learning to cook and drive. Many teens still require motivation and guidance from their parents even when they're excited about continuing their education. Summer vacation presents the ideal opportunity to focus on test preparation too. Freshmen may view this as a chance to map out their high school career while making lists of electives and after school activities they want to consider. When they have extra daylight they just might find they have plenty of extra hours to sit up and think about tomorrow. Enlighten your teen by advising them the more they know about what they want out of life the happier and more fulfilled they are destined to be in adulthood.

Teenage Summer Jobs

This guide wouldn't be complete without mentioning the summer job. Around fifteen kids are legally permitted to work part time. The summer job will be the first work experience for many young people. They will look back and remember this as their introduction to the economy.

Since a lot of adults are self employed teens may choose to go this route as well. Irrefutably, self employment makes a great deal of sense for students. This might mean it's easier for them to continue working year round in their spare time. Lately, teen entrepreneurs have found themselves featured in news programs. These are worthy stories, because teens need to know they're not alone in their ambitions. Youth have started going beyond the typical although respectable tasks of building up a lawn mowing business or babysitting and cleaning houses. Now, they're venturing into inventing and producing products through the arts and crafts market. It doesn't really matter what they do as long as it's legal and fits their busy schedule. Let's show teens they have a place in the world. They are bright and strong enough to earn their own money.

Don't Forget The Fun Stuff

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I found a new skating ring we didn't know about previously. We're sure our kids will want to go there a several times this summer. Don't forget, there's always bowling. Most towns still have a bowling alley, but let's hope they don't disappear along with the rural post office. Speaking of recreational relics, a few drive in movie theaters still exist. We're been meaning to take our family to the one in nearby Ennis, Texas.

For generations teens have enjoyed arcades and amusement parks. They are psyched about the all you can play video games they have access to when that arm band goes on at the door. Luckily, we have an indoor/outdoor fun park up the street. Of course, it's not free so we don't take them there every weekend. These places are the most fun in the summr when they are open weekdays during daylight hours.

If you grew up hanging out at your local comic book store you owe it to nostalgia to introduce your teens to the comic market. Hopefully, your kids enjoy comic characters new and old alike. This is a productive way to keep them interested in reading. It's also something they may have in common with dad.

Teens go to coffee shops, because there's usually a live concert on the weekends especially if you live in the city. This is a safe alternative to the underground club scene. Some rural towns offer family friendly entertainment on the weekends at mom and pop restaurants. Read the signs on the bulletin board at public places such as libraries and bowling alleys to find out about local events and venues the whole family can enjoy.

Conclusion To Teenage Summer Activities

Is your teen ready for summer? Perhaps, this article will give them the jump start they need to begin making plans and advising their parents as to what they might want to do this season provided permission is granted.


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author avatar WOGIAM
26th Apr 2015 (#)

My 2 teenagers prefer staying at home (baking or reading) than attending events in the Summer time, they do like to ride their bikes around.
Thanks for the tips, i would look around for free /inexpensive events so we can all attend this summer. This will add to their social skills.

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author avatar Nancy Austin
26th Apr 2015 (#)

Your welcome, Wogiam. Thank you for reading and commenting.

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author avatar Ellen Lord
3rd May 2015 (#)

Lots of great ideas. Well done

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author avatar Nancy Austin
4th May 2015 (#)

Thank you, Ellen.

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