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This article talks about the problems that may rise during teenage pregnancy, the reasons why it is so prevalent, the effects of teenage pregnancy and what to do rather than dwelling on the past.

Teenage Pregnancy; Where Wll it Take you?

First of all, what is teenage pregnancy?

From the root word itself, teen, which means that it is from thirteen up to nineteen years of age. Teenage pregnancy is getting pregnant under the age of 20. Whenever a female gets pregnant, there are health risks that is to be considered. For females who got pregnant during their teen years, the problems are more associated with socio- economic factors than the biological aspects.

We are aware that some people judges teenage females who got pregnant although they have no right to do so. Being pregnant in an early age does not only affect the mother's physical aspects; it also affects the mental and the emotional aspect of the mother. Teenage years are very crucial to every person's development. This stage is in an unstable emotional state. Getting angry and judging a teenager who got pregnant does not do any good. Yes, the mistake has been done and they need to face the consequences of their wrong decisions but confronting them and slapping them with words to hurt them will only lessen their self- respect that may lead to abortion and worse, suicidal tendencies

There are times when the girl gets all the blame. She won't get pregnant all by herself! The truth is, the guy has more responsibilities compared to the girl. Yes, both of them had consensual sex, but if the guy is really responsible enough, he won't prioritize his lust but rather he would know his and her limitations on how far they could go if he truly loves the girl (if I may add, love isn't equivalent to sex).

Some reasons why teenage pregnancy is prevalent is that, many teenagers, especially those under the age of 15, feels pressured to have sex. Three out of four girls admitted that they feel pressured because of their boyfriends, some even wished that they had waited. Another reason could be the inconsistent use of contraceptives. Some uses this as a form of rebellion towards their life, their families or to their parents.

The question is, where will this early pregnancy lead a teenager? Several studies suggests that the effects may vary but there is more likely one common effect and that is in education. Whether you like it or not, teenage pregnancy will really affect education especially if the teenager's family is having economic problems. It may also lead to a decrease in self respect and confidence. Another problem will also be on how to support the child especially if the guy is just the same age with the girl. Also, as a mom, the mother should tend to the child's needs first before hers. This might be a conflict inside a teenage mom since she didn't experience to grow and mature of tending to her own needs because of being pregnant in an early age.

There are consequences that needs to be accepted as a result of wrong decisions. But, always remember that whatever problems may come, the baby shouldn't receive any blame for what had happened. It is not the child's mistake that led his/her parents into this kind of situation. Always remember that a new born has a life like you and is a gift from God. Looking into the past will only bring back the hurtful memories and it will be hard to move on. Mending on what could be mended and trying to achieve a better future will help the teenage parents, including the child build a life worth living.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
21st Aug 2013 (#)

Well written looking from all angles. Family support is essential rather than blame games. It was the norm earlier in some societies but now the bar for pregnancy has been raised to thirty or higher - siva

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author avatar Carene Carillo
23rd Aug 2013 (#)

Thank you so much! I hope this helps even a bit to others. :)

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