Teach a child to walk and the importance of quality footwear.

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Article about the importance of good process for the first steps of the small need and choice of quality footwear during this learning process.


To understand the importance of quality footwear for children, good choice of shoes, but also pretty certainly providing maximum comfort to the feet of the child, it is necessary to consider the time when everything starts small learning to walk.

This phase is essential for the health of the child. His first step, of course, will be in the arms of the nurse. After three or four months, when it begins to sleep less during the day, he will be glad to do somersaults on the sofa: it will use its free members, and, by moving in the air. This will be his only year for this period. Soon, however, the child will make its first attempts to walk. Now, it is important to note that none of the many methods that have been designed to teach a child to walk, should be adopted: the youpala the apprentice harness walker, etc., and their consequences are disastrous: crushed chest, lungs tablets , spine twisted and deformed legs, are the many evils which often originate in such practices. This is explained by the fact that the bones in childhood are relatively soft and malleable, and are subject to these early devices to support the weight of the body, they react just like an elastic stick bending under a weight, and the natural consequence is that they bend and deform.

It is absolutely necessary that every mother remembers this. The first efforts to walk their young are naturally experienced by a lot of fun with it, she is able to encourage and prolong its attempts, without ever thinking of the harm they can do, because many children had to deplore the defect created by the products of a walking aid.

It should also be noted here that, if such an alteration was observed, it can be corrected even after the curvature is installed. This must be remedied using means that strengthen bone structure, and improve the overall health of the child (a daily plunge into the cold bath, or a sponge with cold water salt, are reported to be effective), and avoiding causing distortion, namely, never let the child stand on his feet. The only way to solve this last point is to put both legs in a wide bottom, it will effectively prevent the child from walking while not preventing the free and full exercise of the muscles of the legs. After several months of continued treatment, the members are no longer deformed, the bones and muscles are strong have regained strength. The child may then be allowed to get back on its feet without the risk of perpetuating or renewing its deformations.
Later, the first choice of walking shoes will also be crucial to properly maintain the child's feet and not reproduce these problems bone deformities of the feet or legs of the child and distort his approach. It is therefore essential to invest in quality shoes worthy of the name. The child must feel comfortable in your shoes, feel the comfort and power to move naturally well maintained and painlessly.

The best way to teach a child to walk, is to let them learn by himself, and he will quite easily. It will first crawl: it's going to work all the muscles of the body, does not fatigue the child, does not impose any weight on the bones, but it will bring vigor and strength, and is very useful. After a while, more sure of himself, he will go further: it will seek to stand on his feet with a chair, and though repeatedly fails in his attempts, he still endures until it succeeds. In this, he learns, first, to raise the floor, and secondly, to stand, but keeping hold of the object which he grabbed. Then it will balance without holding, laughing proudly and show that it can be independent. Fearing, however, still move without the support of its members, it will seize a chair or anything else within reach and dare to advance as far as the limits of this medium allows. This little adventure will be repeated day after day with greater joy, and then, after many tests, he learns confidence in its ability to balance, and gallop alone. It takes time for this auto progressive learning, in which the muscles and bones become stronger, and when, finally, they are called upon to support the weight of the body, then they are quite capable of doing.
It was at this period of his life that the mother should be careful with his choice of first shoes. Of course, any mother wants to see her child beautiful and cute model and opt for a stylish and fashionable. However, we must remain very vigilant in comfort shoes. Quality does not always mean high price. Mom has quite the ability to offer child shoes fashionable, comfortable and high quality at a very affordable price for the benefits obtained.


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Good tips for mothers with babies. Incidentally, are you a professional and qualified to post this advice?

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