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The struggles of taking over the care of your grandchildren are vast but the love they need are worth it.

The call

In June of this year my daughter called, crying about her children being taken away. I was out of town so my younger daughter was able to get the kids and talked the CPS workers into letting the guardianship be split between the two of us.
Apparently, my daughter was sleeping and her boyfriend left the house leaving my grandchildren, ages 5 & 2, unattended. The children got out of the house, the 2 yr old in just a diaper and the 5 yr old in pants and both had no shoes. My 5 yr old grandson fell off his bike and hit his head on the curb. The neighbors tried to knock on the door to get my daughter but she would not wake up. Finally the police were called. Then CPS and me.
That time I only had them for less then a week.
On August 19th CPS stopped by her place to check in on them. The kids and house were filthy. Food from 3days before was left on the stove, crushed up soda cans on the floor, which was filthy and just straight trash every where.They gave her six months to get a psyche evaluation, counseling, substance abuse counseling and a parenting class to do. They charged her with neglect.
This time, when they gave us the kids, they told us that we would have the kids indefinitely.

Changes and struggles

My husband and I had just gotten used to being just the two of us. All of our kids were moved out, we downsized to a 2 bedroom apt and it was agreed that I could take a year off of work. He didn't make a lot of money but enough for the two of us to live simply.
So taking these two beautiful kids in has changed a lot . I told my husband I would go back to work but, he said the kids needed me home.
Brynleigh, our 2 yr old granddaughter , has become very clingy and follows me around the apartment. Cayden, has been throwing tantrums and breaking down over the littlest things.
The children have different fathers and neither one are in the kids lives. Their mother loved them but was quick to spank them. Their trust is fragile to say the least.
It has been rough getting them on a proper sleep schedule and dinner is always a fight. Rarely did they get home cooked meals and now that's all they get. They aren't used to having their sweets and treats limited and I'm not used to such anger and confusion coming out of such young kids. We aren't giving up on them though. They need us to help them understand the world with love and patience and proper guidance. We have faith that we will all get through the emotional issues, we have a lot of love for these kids.
What we don't have is a lot of room and finances.


A friend told me about gofundme.com. An online fundraiser, called crowdfunding for those who need extra funds and are not able to get it in other ways. I was hesitant at first but, I have to do something.
I was able to get Caydens mattress from his mother. She said the bed broke and it is a mattress from a toddler bed. Brynleigh is currently sleeping in a pack and play. I also got their toys and clothes from their mother. Most of the toys are filthy and broken, some of the clothes were small and stained. What we could salvage of the clothes fit in the plastic rolling drawers we were able to purchase.
Cayden started kindergarten the Friday after we got him and he has a few nice school clothes but he will be needing more and both will need winter things.
We would love to move into a bigger place so we don't all feel stuffed in a box but, the things they really need are more important.
I feel confident that we will manage through but am really hopeful that we will have some luck with our fundraiser, to make it a little easier.

If you or anyone you know would like to learn more about the fundraiser, you can follow the link below.



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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
2nd Sep 2014 (#)

I hope you have also told your daughter in straight words to clean up her life.

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author avatar Mimi91114
2nd Sep 2014 (#)

Of course, but what she does from this point is up to her. I have spent years and endless time trying to help her. Now, my main concern are these innocent babies. I've never understood women like her. I didn't raise my kids like that so it's very hurtful for me to see these kids suffer.

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author avatar HacBao
3rd Sep 2014 (#)

Thank you for sharing information. Sorry, I do not care about the subject, so I can not comment valuable for your

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author avatar Lee Hansen
3rd Sep 2014 (#)

You and your husband are to be commended in this huge task that you are undertaking. It's not easy as evidenced by your lives being disrupted but I am glad to know that you have enough love that will get you through. I hope the fundraiser works out well. I also hope your daughter is able to beat these demons.

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author avatar Mimi91114
3rd Sep 2014 (#)

Thank you Lee Hanson. I hope she can beat them as well. Not just for the kids but for herself as well.

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