Taking Your Salvation Seriously

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Christian behavior at times seems to lack Christ. Are you aware that people are watching you more closely than anyone else?

Salvation is a free gift from God, we don't deserve it.

Have you ever wondered just how watered down Christianity is today? After all of the societal input into our churches of today, it must have an impact on what we think a real “Christian” is today. Right? Yes, of course it has an impact. After all, look at the divorce rate among Christians today. It's the same as non-Christians. Now that's a shame for everyone involved.
But what joy living the Christian life brings to our very innards. Giving of ourselves, our time, our resources and using our God given gifts, lift our spirits high. As we get closer to God, it draws Him towards us. James 4:8 tells us if we draw near to God, He will draw near to us. I'm not the smartest in the guy in the room most of the time, but if I can have God, the maker of everything, close to me, that's right where I want Him. And can you believe this stuff, He wants to be close to us too. I know right!!?? Is that hard to believe or what? It's all true buddy boy!! God designed us for Heaven. He designed hell fore the devil and his angels. Who's angel are you?
One of the thoughts I've been stuck on for months now is how much have I let society dictate my attitudes, my thinking, and even my worship of God. A few weeks ago I was sitting in the lobby of a large church on my area. I had been in the sanctuary, but the worship music was such a “show” and short on “praise.” So I went to where my ears didn't hurt. As I was sitting there with others, there were a bunch of people walking toward to sanctuary dressed like they were going to the bar. Which is not how you dress when you go to your parents anniversary party let me tell ya. I did not know the people around me but their response to some those people was about the same as mine. They were shaking their heads and looking around at others like “can you believe what that person is wearing?
I might point out that I was the oldest one there, so it wasn't a generational thing. I admit though, this is not why I go to church. I had heard how great this church was and wanted to see for myself, thus the visit, and there's no way I'll go back, nor will I ever tell their name publicly. Of course, not everyone going there is that superficial. Of that I'm convinced
But how superficially do we treat our salvation? Or to be more accurate: how superficial do we treat God's free gift of salvation? How superficial do we treat Christ's death on that brutal cross and His resurrection? Just how important is our Salvation to us? I know those questions are blunt and convicting, but please give me a little room here to bring this back around to an uplifting place. I promise I will.
Do we lay our Salvation down for behavior that is contrary to what Christ died for? For instance, oh I don't know; pornography comes to mind. Would you lay it down for a wild party filled with alcohol, drunk people, debauchery? Would you lay it down for anything that would compromise your Salvation and eternity in Heaven? (Hang on, I'm going somewhere with this I promise).
That's not necessary if we can program ourselves to do a few certain things to guard our minds and spirits from such things. If you look back on your life, you might find that when you stopped doing those things that drew you close to God, your life got a little harder. You kind of drifted from the faith so-to-speak. I know I can and I know exactly what I quit doing. So I'm not standing high on a pedestal looking down on you, I'm standing right next you just as guilty as anyone. Oh my gosh I could tell you things about myself. But I won't, so there.
Two things we can do every single day to get back on track are reading our Bible every day and spending time in prayer. The best time to do it for me has been as soon as I wake up. You may be better doing it before you go to bed. Why not both? We can do this guys. This doesn't take a huge effort, or tax our very being. Yet the benefits are enormous. The desire for those behaviors that take us away from God will disappear. So it's not like you have to give up those things, your desire to partake is gone. So when those friends call you to see where you've been and not “partaking” any more, you have a chance to witness to them and invite them into your walk with Christ. See, it's not all bad. Now you can still see those friends and spend quality time with them. Only now it's a different setting and much more fulfilling.
So how 'bout it? Can we make prayer and bible reading a daily occurrence? We might need to get up a little earlier, or stay up a little later, or both. But can we make a commitment to it? You'll see immediate effects if you do It's not like losing weight, Christ's gifts are right now. You can do this, I know you can. I believe in you even if you don't. You can do this. At least make an effort to do so. Put it on your calendar of you have to, but you can do this. Bible and Prayer. Bible and Prayer. Bible and Prayer.
Every single day. You can do it and you know you can. Don't allow satan tell you you don't have time. You know you have time and you know you can do it. So do it already. See how easy that is?
Father I ask right now that You will bless us all. Help us to spend time each day reading Your Word and talking to You. Please help us to be more aware of our behaviors and surroundings. Let us act like we know You and Jesus. Please speak to us when we begin behaviors that are contrary to living with You in Heaven. Bless each of our Pastors and anoint their lives. Anoint us with Your Spirit and draw us closer to You. Help us all to be true to our calling and Spiritual gifts. Thank you Father. Amen.
I love you all even though I don't know you all. But I wish you peace and joy. Enjoy your time reading Gods Word and praying each day. You can do this, so do it already. What do you say?


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