Take Your Power Back

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Bring a club together and work together to stamp out bullying. Nobody should have to be alone, there should be a support group.

Take Your Power Back

Is There A Bully in Your Town, School, Church, Internet or Home?
A bully is a person who feels the need to be in control. The bully wants to have the last say, have the last act, and have their own way. Listen to what the bully says to you. If you agree, then say so. If you do not agree, then tell them that. Do not allow the bully to influence your decision.
A bully is a person who does not care how they make other people feel. Do not allow a bully to decide for you on how you feel about yourself, or being told what to do with your life, that is your decision. Take your power back and make your own mind up.
When a bully has a fist in your face, look the bully straight in the eye. Place your feet firmly on the ground and do not back down. Explain to the bully that you do not want to fight, but if forced to do so that you will defend yourself. A bully is a person who enjoys manipulating other people in order to get their own way and to make other people feel bad about themselves. Take your power back.
When a bully wants you to do something you know is not right, then do not do it. No matter what fancy words they may say to you. Or how they may twist the words to make it seem all right to do something you know is wrong. If it does not feel right, then do not do it. Take your power back.
A bully likes to hear themselves talk even if it makes no sense. We have all been around people who enjoy talking, and talking and talking. They enjoy monopolizing the whole conversation. They feel that nobody has anything of importance to say, except for them. When you start speaking and the bully interrupts you, say simply and with confidence, ”Excuse me, I was speaking,” then go on and finish your statement. The bully will probably not listen and will be thinking of what they are going to say next, but at least you stood your ground. Even though your heart was in your throat it shows the bully that you are going to stand up for yourself and not be pushed around. Be ready to stand up for others who are being bullied. Nobody should have to feel that they are alone when being bullied and the more we stand together against the bullies the sooner the bullies will be knocked down like dominoes.
A bully likes to feel powerful. A bully enjoys feeling powerful physically and intellectually. Sometimes a bully wants to show their power by beating people up smaller than they are. Use your mind and not your brawn, out think the bully. Sometimes that is not possible, however a person has to do what is needed depending on the situation, but just be careful that you do not become a bully too.
How do we deal with a bully? Do not show fear. Take your power back. Do not back down from the bully. Be confident. If, the bully refuses to change his or her ways, then walk away and let the bully know that you are not going to be intimidated in anyway. Start a club where people of all ages can come and get support and talk about how they are being bullied. Have a partner in the club that everyone can call each other before things get really bad. Bring up ideas on how to deal with bullies. Once the bullies know that people who are being bullied are standing together as one, they will soon stop, but it takes everyone working together and to stop shoving this problem under the rug.


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