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Simple Breathing Techniques that can help reduce feelings of stress, and promote a healthier well being.

Take A Moment

Do you " carry" stress with you? Is your energy tapped out, because you are holding on to events from the past? Or last week? last night?
Take a moment, and feel into that. Is there a restricted feeling in your body? Headache, tiredness, pain, or anxiety? Look within. Are you someone that holds on to negative encounters? Or do you totally let them go in each moment?
If you are one of the few, who let things go and flow through you, YAY You! If you, are like most of us, that tend to hang onto stressors, read on.

Take A Breath

Medical studies show that when we actively concentrate on our breathing, ( just 3 breaths makes a difference)
It enhances the oxygen and blood flow to our brain, which in turns gives us a feeling of relaxation.
Even brief relaxation, can cause our mood to shift, and allow us to release whatever negative emotion we are hanging on to. ( even ones we are not conscious of)
From ancient times, tribes and peoples have realized the benefits of simply putting our attention/ intention on our breath.


I personally practice Structured Breathing. It was introduced by Natural Action Technologies, and I find it works wonders for me.
Within 2-3 minutes you can be re energized for your day.
Sit and take a breath in through your nose. Breath deeply, filling your lungs.
Then slowly exhale, out through your mouth. Allow yourself to expel all the air in your lungs, all the way to your stomach. Repeat this process, 3 times. Focusing on your breathing.
You should find that by the 3rd breath you feel more energetic, calmer, and peaceful.
The more you shift your focus to breathing, when something is bothering you, the more you will find that less actually bothers you.
Once you are comfortable with this practice, you can hold whatever is bothering you in your mind, focus on the breathing, and release the issue with each successive breath. You will be Amazed at how calming this can be during your sometimes stressful day.


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