TIPS to detect poor quality fruits from China

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Recently we have faced to poor quality fruits from China. It often has insecticide content over accepted limit hundred times. It will make harmful to our life not only at current but also long long time later. It makes us confusing. So how can we determine these kinds of fruits? It’s not so easy. Here are some simple tips when we choose fruits can determine which one from China, which one not

TIPS to detect poor quality fruits from China

1. Choose apple
- USA: Green Apple from USA has dark green, crisp, sweet. Red apple from USA has nice shape, glance appearance
- China: Green apple from China has light green, acrid taste. Red apple have no good shape, unbalance when put it in the flat area. Beside that Fuji apple makes people confuse it as Japanese apple, but actually it’s Chinese apple with light red color uneven around shape and un-glance
2. Choose Grapes
- USA: dark violet color, prolate, sweet, crisp, no seed
- China: Round shape, big size, light violet color with some white spot, soft, much seeds
3. Choose Oranges
- USA, Australia, South Africa: thick skin shape, light orange color, strain, harsh
- China: Big size, thin skin, dark orange color, smooth surface, sharp at stub and round at bottom, no seed
4. Choose carrot
- Vietnam: Pulp, there are some roots around bulb, small bulb with light yellow color, uneven shape between bulbs
- China: No Pulp, dark orange color, big size, same size between bulbs
5. Choose Kaki
- Vietnam: Round shape like hen egg, light yellow color and uneven. Small size
- China: Round shape and same big size between fruits, dark red orange color and glance
6. Choose Mango
- Vietnam: Natural smell. If Mango ripe it will have some dark spots on stub and feeling soft when touch
- China: Very big size with kilograms per which, nice shape but no natural smell and when mango ripe it feels hard when touch
Above are some samples that I have experienced, it will be updated later and I hope every people can share your experience to choose the good fruits to take care our health as well as our family and community health


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