Survival with a Low Credit Score

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Low Credit Score does not mean you cannot rent, buy a car, or even a television. You still need to survive and these are some ways you can still function with no available credit. Always be careful in your purchases and make sure you have a budget and a plan.

Checking Scores does not Improve Credit Ratings

Many times you hear commercials on how to check your credit score and what to do to get a higher credit score. The fact is if you are unemployed and depending on food stamps or other help it is impossible to do anything with your credit score. Seniors who have lost their homes because of medical bills that they cannot pay get a low credit score. When there is no money in your pocket and you do not know when the next dollar is going to come checking your credit score will not improve it. It just makes you feel that much worse about yourself.

Hope and Help for those with Low Credit Scores

There is hope, however because you can survive with a low credit score. A person needs to get themselves back on their feet earning an income before they can improve their credit score. When you are able to find employment and have an income you will usually owe so much that it will be impossible to get your bills paid and raise that credit score. My advice is to consider going bankrupt. Keep tract of everything you owe and what you own so you can determine if bankruptcy is your option or if you can arrange a payback plan with your creditors. Often creditors will let you pay less if you can pay off your account.

Arrangements with Creditors

Arrangements are made concerning your past bills but now you must think about today. The first concerns are food, housing, and transportation. You are probably living with someone who is family or friend and wish to have your own place. There are programs such as HUD that will help pay part of your rent if you qualify. Check in your community for the type of housing that is available within your budget. You will find that you can find something suitable and possibly get help with your rent. Make sure that you have a budget and are not paying out more than you can afford.

How to furnish your home

In order to furnish your home go to places like Good Will, Salvation Army Stores, and perhaps you have a church store. Be creative in what you find and you will be able to turn someone else’s junk into a nice piece of furniture. I once bought a tall lamp post and put the wiring in myself, a light bulb on top, found a tiffany style shade and made a beautiful standing light that look great in my living room. Old crates can be painted or stained and turned into coffee tables or end tables.

Use Rent to Own and Second Hand Stores

Depending on your budget you might be able to use Rent-To-Own stores to buy a television so you and your family have some entertainment. If your budget affords you could even buy bedroom, living room, and dining room furniture. Please do not go overboard! You are working making it on your own but you need transportation of some types. You need to be very careful here but I assure you there are car lots that will give you credit and sell you a vehicle. You will pay a very high interest rate but if you make your payments on time it will help you to build your credit score. Buy an economical vehicle do not look for frills. Keep the price as low as possible so you can actually make the payments. Now you have transportation that will get you to work, family to school, and possibly be able to do a few fun things.

Renters, Employment, and Other Means

Where are you now on your budget? Make sure that you have not gone overboard on rent, car payments, or rental agreements. Do not get credit cards! Pay for what you have and try not to make access bills. You will need to go without luxuries but you can still exist with a low paying job and a low credit score until you can work your way back up to the top again. Some special advice for those who have a home and are about to undergo foreclosure there are some things to do to save your home. Consider taking in renters it might help you to pay on your mortgage. You can refinance with your bank to lower the payments. The renters will help you to keep your home until you are able to make the payments yourself. You might have to put your children together in the same bedroom but that is better than losing your home and everyone bunking with relatives or in a homeless shelter.

Like to leave you with this thought

Don’t Give Up

When things go wrong as they sometimes will,
When the road you’re trudging seems all uphill,
When funds are low and debts are high,
And you want to smile but you have to sigh,
When care is pressing you down a bit
Rest, if you must but don’t ever quit.

God Bless, hope you find help soon.

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Survival for those with low credit scores can be tough but it can be done. Just Don't Give Up!

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