Summer is Kite Flying Season

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Summer is the time when we can do a lot of things outdoor. One fun activity for kids and adults alike is kite flying. There is more fun in it if done with family and friends.

Kite Flying is Fun

It's Summer time in the United States. It is nice to enjoy the season and have fun outdoor with family members and friends. There are so many things that children and adults can do to take advantage of the long summer days. In Washington state, the sun is still up at 9:00 pm, and there are just so many activities to choose from. While some people go to the beach, others fly kites or watch them flying. If you enjoy kites, there are places around the United States that hold kite festivals. Beautifully designed kites of different colors and shapes are being flown for exhibition and competition. I haven't been to any kite festival, but I would love to go if there's an opportunity.

Make It A Family Activity

Once in a while, it would be good for the whole family to do things outdoor together. That way, there will be bonding with each family member, an opportunity to relax, and have some quality time with each other. Take advantage of the chance that schools are closed for summer, and take time to do fun things with kids and the rest of the family.

You will need an open space to fly a kite, and one ideal place for that is a park. There's good amount of wind to support the kites when on flight. Not only would you enjoy the activity but you would also get to appreciate being with your family having a picnic there. So, if you choose to do that, be sure to bring some food with you and have a good meal when you feel tired after flying your kites. There are plenty of shaded areas and tables there which can accommodate large number of groups.

Although park is an ideal place, you have to use your own judgment to where kite flying will not cause any problem to you and other people.

Safety Precautions

If you have not flown a kite before, you can experiment flying one in an open field. It is advisable to consider some safety precautions before doing so. There are things you should know in order to avoid mistakes and accidents. Flying a kite will keep you focused on how to make the kite soar up high. You get engrossed as you enjoy doing it, but remember that it could be hazardous too because you may tend to forget what's going on in your surroundings. Keep in mind some of these helpful tips in order to enjoy flying a kite safely.

Do not fly kites in public streets where vehicles pass by. You may get hit that may cause untoward incidents or even death. To avoid possible electrocution, do not fly kites near electrical cables. If ever your kite get tangled on an electrical cable, don't try to retrieve it. Avoid flying a kite near trees. When winds are too strong, there's a possibility that your kite may end up on a tree. Do not fly a kite near houses to avoid hitting windows or breaking something that may cause you some liabilities. Since summer is the season for flying kites, make sure you bring some sunscreen with you to protect your skin from burning. The sun may also harm your eyes, so it's better to wear a pair of sunglasses. These are just a few pointers among other important things that are worth taking note of.

Kite Festivals

There are many kite festivals being held during summer. Some of them last until early Autumn. This is where kites of different shapes, designs, and colors are being flown for exhibition and competition.

In Washington, the Long Beach Peninsula is home for Washington State International Kite Festival (WSIKF). It is also home for the World Kite Museum (WKM), which is the only kite museum in North and South America.

The WSIKF holds its annual kite festival the third full week of August. This year 2012, it will be held from August 20th to the 26th. This is a big event with lots of exhibitions and competitions in different levels. There will be a lot to see each day of the week, such as demos and kite making activities for adults and children.

Our neighboring state Oregon holds numerous kite festivals each year. The Southern Oregon Kite Festival (SOKF) is scheduled for July 21st and 22nd in Brookings, Oregon. It has been one of the premier kite festivals in the United States since 1993. Things to look forward to are kite making, kite auction banquet, gift and craft shops, and many more.

Fall Kite Festival in Lincoln City will be on October 13th and 14th. This event started in 1979. Most original organizers still participate to this date and have their colorful and beautifully designed kites exhibited and displayed.

There are also kite festivals held in different states and even in other countries. Kite flying is said to be a form of recreation, sports, art, and can be done for some other practical uses.

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