Stunted Growth and Poor Posture Among Schoolchildren

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Technology may have offered us the convenience of being able to learn new things in one click.Unfortunately, being in a Third World Country, public school children do not have the means to own their own tablets to be able to help them with their school work.

Walking To School...Bearing The Pain

Although, some public schools in the city may have started distributing such gadget among their students, still, a majority of these public school children have barely been able to use such gadget. That being said, they are forced to bring their school books everyday.Take into consideration how the schools may sometimes be as far as 5 to 7 kilometers away from their homes. And their only means of going to school is by walking since they do not have money to spend for transportation. How many subjects do kids have in one day? Aside from their school books, they also carry with them their notebooks which could probably be more than 5.

A Parent's Aspiration and Frustration

We send off our children to school to be able to learn new things and eventually for them to adapt everything in their lives until they grow up. We try to provide them with best care, providing sufficient food and clothing and give them appropriate medicine when they get sick. But have you ever wondered that the school may have overlooked (or not) the fact that our kids are carrying too much load in their bags each day? Not only do these cause back pains, but it can be a permanent disfigurement of their spines.

The Advantage of Students from Private Schools

For private schools, this may have been resolved by some. They provide lockers to each student so that they can leave their books in school and just bring home those books that they need to study on. But looking at the children from public schools, they care a huge bag on their backs and still manage to bring another bag for other stuff. It is slowly taking toll on their posture considering that they still have soft bones and that that they may develop a postural defect thus making them look short eventually.

Other Cause of Spinal Deformation

Another postural damage is how these kids are not sitting properly when they are writing on their desks. No matter how much calcium that a child takes with this kind of habit of either slouching on the chair or rest their heads on the desk while writing, still their posture will greatly be affected.

A Constant Reminder...A Touch of Love

Teachers and parents alike should always take notice of how these children are whether inside the classroom or at home. Constantly reminding them to have a good posture will not only make them look great, but will also help them psychologically. Some children would be bullying others when they see other children having some physical defects. And to avoid such incidence, reminding the children to adopt the proper way of sitting and standing would free them from other children’s nuisance.


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1st Aug 2013 (#)

anyway school life is best

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1st Aug 2013 (#)

Nice. Thank you Jenny for the encouraging words.

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