Students of India and Corporal Punishment

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Students, in India, have experiences of being tortured by the teachers in the schools. Some of the teachers are in the noble profession of teachers although they are sadists. This content describes how corporal punishment is present in the educational centers of India even today.

Students of India and Corporal Punishment

brotee mukhopadhyay

et tu, teachers?

A section of the Indian teachers has always been creative in finding out methods to punish the students. You may be terrified to learn how everyday hundreds of innocent kids in this great country are being persecuted by such persons who have accepted the honorable profession of grooming the little ones. You may be ashamed to learn that many of such teachers are even women. The printing and electronic media have highlighted series of such news in the recent years, news describing plight of the students in different public and private schools.

Students of the poor families are the common target

Students of the poor families are the common target. Their parents are so poor that they can hardly protest. Generally they belong with the tribal community or to the community of the scavengers. Children of the rural people and children of the people who belong to the families of the lower castes become the soft victims. Some teachers hold hatred against people of certain religious belief and they do not like to find students from such religious community in their classes.

Schools? Or torturing chambers?

Some children are not good in preparing home tasks and some of them find it difficult to follow the teachers. Their parents cannot provide washed and neat school uniforms regularly. Usually teachers decide not to touch them. They use humiliating languages referring to the economic and cultural standard of those students and thus hit them psychologically. A teacher using total strength of his vocal chord to scold a little boy is a common spectacle in different schools. He does not care when the targeted child just screams before him. His fingers and hand are the primary weapons which he uses against the hapless kids. He plucks out hairs of a student simply by the first attempt. He drags a student by his ears and uses sticks of varieties of shapes and sizes and of different thickness. Dusters are also used to hit a student who sits at a distance.

Children cannot withstand such tortures

Sometimes children cannot withstand such tortures and become sick. Sometimes they bleed and even they require medication. Sometimes a child demands hospitalization. Children do not want to attend classes and a few of them become patients who need services of the counselors.

Teachers? Or dancers in the hell?

Teachers forcing children to play with their private parts, assaulting a boy sexually or molesting a girl are not rare in India. There are incidents of death due to torture at the hand of the teachers. There are such predators in the educational centers. It is a matter of great surprise that these infamous teachers are rarely penalized. In most of the cases they are spared and are allowed to bring about hell in the centers of primary or secondary education.

Corporal punishment is very much present

Of course, many teachers are as honorable as they always have been. Indian society holds the teachers still in high esteem. The government machinery, however, does not rise to the occasion except when the concerned student hails from any influential family. And corporal punishment, the most unethical part in the services for imparting education, is very much present in the educational centers where children are to receive the very first lessons of ethics of life.

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author avatar Retired
1st Aug 2010 (#)

Broteeda-with due respect i know there are almost all of them are honest and willing to share there knowledge but what shall you say about the present day student who is a bully to the teacher and teachers are not sadist, they are rather said these days,I always remember the old days when we always touched feet of our teachers.

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author avatar brotee mukhopadhyay
1st Aug 2010 (#)

It would have been better if I could say: yep.
I am sorry to state that I have personal experiences of just what I have described. I have very painful experiences when I was a student decades ago. My son has passed through same kind of experiences. Neither I nor my son belongs with the group of pupils who do not love to learn or who do not love to honor their teachers.
We teach our kids to touch the feet of their teachers. I have taught him to respect the teachers unless which, I do still believe, a student cannot learn properly.
With immense anguish in mind I must say that teachers in India, in general, have disappointed us. I should request you to confirm this following the reports appearing regularly in the printing and electronics media in India.

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author avatar ghazala zafar
27th Nov 2010 (#)

A good subject!
but exceptions are alway there...

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