Struggles of the sensitive children

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Children with sensitive abilities often get mistaken for having mental health issues. Although i was energy sensitive as a child, my circumstances was slightly different to other sensitive children. This story is a more deeper insight to my childhood.

Unexplainable feeling of not belonging

When I was a child, I liked to be on my own a lot! I struggled to interact with others even if they was being welcoming. Plus having problems understanding others interests, motives and ways of living... This made me quiet and distant around others, and eventually I would have a strong sense of knowing they dislike me or think I'm weird. This only would end up with me torturing myself and make me have difficulties going to school. so I struggled with losing my dad at eight and the fact my whole family life had been ripped to pieces through everyone grieving and it had a deep emotional impact on me that no one could understand. My mum had drastically changed through losing my dad, and often would blame us all for his loss because we stressed him out? The more my family distanced themselves from us the more my mum took it out on me. The more I argued back with her, the more she would ring family members and use it as an excuse to try get them to speak with her again. This made family treat me harsh and heartless. I would always try protest my innocents but they would only pick at me more and brand me a fat liar. Less then a year on after losing my dad, I become very depressed, had headaches and nose bleeds every day... My concentration was never good in school but it had become so poorly that my teacher eventually would none stop be telling me off and left me feeling humiliated in front of the whole class at times. It was such a hard time in my life and I couldn't take it anymore! I thought of suicide a lot, and started self harming. One day my uncle was talking about how he found someone who had hung them self from a bridge with their scarf. This story got me thinking and that week i wore my dads scarf to school and tried to hang myself in random places but it wouldn't work ,so instead i ended up tying the scarf around my neck so tight till i was blue and almost passing out. Some how i was seen and a whole load of teachers and children was trying to get the scarf off me. Only at this point school decided to spot i was suicidal, depressed, alone and needed help? Even though it was obvious for all that time something was wrong? Things did start to ease up in my last year of primary school, But i still remained a loner because i was more comfortable that way.

Music really helped me through my hard times in childhood and also helped me connect to happier memories of the past. Music is one of the most greatest inventions ever in my opinion and is my first option to help me or my children when we have had a hard day or emotionally down.

My mum had chosen my secondary school, so i really didn't have a choice that i was going to an all girl school and only knew one girl from primary school going there. She was put into a different class and building so basically i was on my own with all these new people that already knew of each other. This is when my sensitivity really kicked in and i was unexplainably hearing others thoughts about me, feelings of bad vibes thrown at me and odd gut warning instincts that something bad is going to happen. Really aware i was growing up now, telling myself to act adult and stay committed... just ignore what other think... I like being on my own so its fine no one talks to me!! These affirmations didn't last long though due to the sense of danger getting worse everyday. The strong sense of others wanting to come closer to bullying me because my vulnerability was starting to show too much. I ended up going off to school one morning and these girls saw me on the bus and obviously waiting for me to get off so they could start on me... Something told me get off the next stop and i would be fine but instead i stayed on the bus to the last stop and then got on another bus that took me on the route of where my dads memorial bench was. It become an everyday thing to bunk school at my dads bench. In the end my mum found out and went ballistic but still i would go into school and pick up energies that made me bunk off. In total, that first year of secondary school i only went in about five weeks. My mum was given the option of changing my school but they warned being so far behind not many schools would be willing to accept me. I did get into another school and was given a test to determined what level i was so i get put into the right class. Not understanding a single part of that test and explained that to the teacher. he replied "at least try Jennifer" with a warm smiley attitude. I guessed my way through four pages within 5 minute and really didn't know what to expect when handing it back to be checked. To this teachers surprise every question was right! so baffled by this he was showing and telling everyone. They was only expecting me to get at least 5-7 questions right and apparently not even the most intelligent of children in that school had completed it all correct. This happened for a reason, if my test was graded low i would of been put in a class of children that was going to effect my emotions again. I was in this school for just over a year, i fitted in better but was still sensitive to other emotion and still couldn't find any subjects relevant to life. This would lead to me bunking off a lot still. I moved to kent and therefore i had to change school but no other school would enrol me. I never went back to school after that, no home school or any form of learning!!

That feeling of not belonging that sensitive children get is a hard emotional feeling and all they really need is the support of family, especially parents. Sensitivity is a gift and when it go's unnoticed becomes a heavy burden. My son is extremely sensitive to energies too! He has also had problematic times in schools and their answer to this is he possibly has ADHD? This isn't the case cause i give him advise and support all the time and at home he is a happy well behaved child that sits in his room reading book after book. I understand his sensitivity and help him to stay balanced and protected.

Our sensitivity to the spiritual realms is also on a great scale but I'm going to write about this another time. This is my true childhood and the first time i am expressing this public so i would appreciate you respecting my story. My passed has shown me how to be a great mum and adjust to my children's needs. With the power of positivity and love, sensitive children will grow up into amazing adults and lead this planet into more peaceful, honest and happier times. Suicidal thoughts are a sign you need help, you are not alone and stronger than what you think. Learn to live and love life, make every day worth living because you never know when you will be going back home!

Love and light, Jennifer lee


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
23rd Mar 2014 (#)

A teacher should be more professional and not embarrass the student who is having problems.

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author avatar Jennifer lee
23rd Mar 2014 (#)

unfortunately this does happen in society with teachers who tend to abuse their position of authority or not do their job properly.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
23rd Mar 2014 (#)

Well I know what I went through when I was in school and always called myself a misfit as everyone went boys while I went music and ended up playing the piano, trumpet and other instruments all the time and writing theory of music without talking to anyone. When not doing this I was in the swimming pool swimming for the Nationals as I was a professional swimmer.
Later became a dancer and did okay in school until A levels came when I aced it and my Bachelors and Masters saw me get the first rank with subject proficiency awards.
Till date I am a shy silent person and have always learnt one thing, if creation wants me to, I will do it and fact, spiritual sensitivity has nothing to do with it, its more the attitude to life.

With regard to my child, I trained him from a young age to read assimilate and understand life and know the answers to questions and always be prepared, it has been so as he started schooling at 18 months because of my work requirements and later as a Married Single because of the husbands mental ill-health problems that caused us to live apart but still married.
Truth is that many of us do things that help us cope with life and what you did attending 5 weeks of school, I did too and it was my O Level graduation year and I passed with flying colours and honestly, its because I knew my work but had teachers who were jealous and actually they loved complaining and putting me down as my mum worked in the same campus.
I know what I did in year 8 after I got called a lesbian and it broke me down completely and when I came back on to take them all down, I walked silently for two years, watched how the teachers tortured another girl into suicide while her grades were better than mine at that point and when I left I told the teachers good riddance to bad rubbish will never come to your campus again. Guess what I did, taught them a lesson and became the Queen of Dancing in the campus and bagged the win that was telecast on TV back then and from that day there was no turning back.

With regard to now, I am still a very silent observer but the minute I start, the whole world stops to listen as I speak facts and provide proof leaving all astounded and shocked beyond belief as what I do is always an I told you so with a walk out that kills all who hurt and harmed me. It is who I am and I am proud of being me as I know I am nothing short of being the best in whatever I do with no room to return to point fingers at or make fun of me ever again. Nothing negative, just extra cautious that is all.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
23rd Mar 2014 (#)

BTW, good luck, I taught my child my techniques and think you should too...

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