Strong families help make bad times less scary

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Strong family relationships become important in hard times. The rescue of mom and dad, helping with hard work or cash, and other small wonders and miracles of working together will warm your heart.

Woes of lost income.

For the last five years my husband and I have been struggling with transportation issues. After our 1999 Tahoe threw a rod and ruined the engine, we were left with our 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Both had been well maintained....until 2008 and the economic disasters blew away our retirement funds. So much for working hard for over fifty years. When the income was cut in half, our bills and expenses were not!

Auto maintenance suffers with fewer funds available.

We were not the only ones to suffer these disasters, and many were even worse off than we were. The fact remains that we had less money to put into the care and feeding of our vehicles. Thus, the demise of the Tahoe. The Jeep had been very trustworthy and we loved driving it. However, with fewer maintenance visits, it began to display issues. We babied it and did one thing then another to keep it on the road.


This worked for us......until it didn't...and we found ourselves stranded in the Walmart parking lot of a city forty miles from home. I had been texting our five children to pass the time while we waited for it to start again. I didn't think much about that as we sat at McDonald's to keep warm on this windy, blustery night. I hadn't heard from the one of our two sons who lived only fifteen minutes away. That was not surprising since it was late in the evening. Suddenly, as we sat sipping a soda and talking, someone pulled up a chair and sat down with us. Our son and his wife had come to our rescue! We were totally surprised. When we exclaimed that it was too late for them to be out he said, "like I could go to bed saying oh mom and dad are having car trouble at Walmart...I guess they will be ok eventually".

Home at last; reliable truck; a trip to Phoenix.

We really were glad to see them, but we also knew he had to get up early to be on duty at the sheriff's office. Needless to say, with his help we finally got the darned Jeep started and they FOLLOWED us all the way home to be sure we made it without incident. We were glad but at the same time worried that he would not get enough sleep. We should have known better. Our children would do anything in their power to help us out...and have, every one of them.

This same son loaned us his truck last winter. He just drove it over, parked it in the driveway and handed his dad the keys. "No negotiations. You keep it as long as you need to. Can't have you guys stranded in the winter."

Our oldest son sent us tickets to fly out to Phoenix for his MB graduation and celebration. The younger son was also there to support and celebrate his brother's accomplishment. We flew back together. That was a special time for us all. We did miss the rest of the family though.

Working vehicles and helpful families make life better.

I tell this story to point out two things: is crucial to keep functioning wheels in the driveway, and two...when the family stands together, everything seems a little less daunting. It wasn't but a year ago, that these same five young people of ours got together at tax refund time, pooled their money and bought their dad a small Ford 8N tractor and brush hog! THAT was a gift from heaven...Dad was stressing big time on not being able to find farmers who wanted FREE hay! All they had to do was have the equipment. We had the grass. We had no other way of keeping the fields on our thirty acres cleared and looking good. The family was fearful that losing the income, experiencing a small stroke a few years ago and also living with diabetes, dad really should not be under so much stress. They put their heads and money together and gave him something to keep him active. No more looking for a farmer to cut our grass for their hay. When the fields needed cut, he could do it!

A few last words...

This started out as a message on the importance of keeping your vehicles maintained and in good working order. It has morphed into the value of having a well maintained and loving family! Hopefully, folks who take the time to read this will glean a bit of information from it. At the very least, enjoy a few minutes of pleasant reading and relaxation.

See ya on the go 'round...


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
28th Oct 2013 (#)

Happy, caring and helpful family is the best way forward to tide over tough times. Thanks for an uplifting share, Scarlett - siva

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
28th Oct 2013 (#)

Nice storyScarlett and very motivating, cheers!

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author avatar Scarlett44
29th Oct 2013 (#)

It is so cool to know that what I am writing is seen by someone else besides my family! Thank you for your encourages me like nothing else could!

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