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Want to get your point across without all the yelling?

Email Serves A Purpose

One day my husband and I were having a heated "I hate you" knock down blow out. After yelling I wanted a divorce, I stormed off to my office. While sitting at my computer I began to write my husband an email. I explained all my feelings and the horrible things I said during the argument. After one hour of editing, I took a deep breath and hit the send button. The next morning to my surprise, my husband had replied to my email! He also explained his feelings and apologized for the things he said in anger. I sat there in shock while reading his email several times.

Learn To Listen

We both realized that since we had the same drive to control the conversation and "get our point across" we never really listened to each other. Email allowed us to gather our thoughts and say exactly how we each felt without that pressure of getting our points across. With email, you have no choice but to read (listen) and understand the other person's point of view. We both laughed at the email idea later that night.

No More Arguments

However, whenever we feel a heated argument coming on, we both just walk away. Then one of us will send an email. We have never had a big yelling match every since then and the emails are getting much shorter. We are actually running out of things to argue about and this feels great. For those of you that don't like email, texting can also work. Just watch all the abbreviations and be careful before hitting the send button.


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