Stoning to Death - Would You Throw The First Stone?

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The world points at Islam with the finger and puts it to the wall of shame. Lapidation is such a controversial topic! What exactly means stoning to death, or lapidation?

A circle is drawn and, while invoking "Allah hu Akbar" (meaning, God is the greatest), palm sized stones are thrown at the heads of the transgressors from that circle.

In lapidation, the hands of the two opposite sex persons caught in the act of adultery or who have confessed against themselves, are tied behind their backs and their bodies are introduced in a textile sack. Then they are buried in holes up to their head and shoulders respectively, because a woman, being physically weaker must have equal chance to escape if Allah so decides about any of them.

Escaping is not impossible, since happened before and since Allah is capable of everything, including to help them escape if there is another scenario in store for them.

The stones are thrown until the person dies or until he/she escapes out of the hole and crosses the circle. Lapidation of adulterers is ordered by Allah, and those who throw stones at them don't do anything else but obey the word of God. As Allah does not punish anybody twice for the same sin, the lapidated transgressors earned their candidacy to Paradise according to the quantity of their good deeds. Stoning is applied only to Muslims, who are supposed to know the rule of the marriage "game" and abide by it.

Stoning is to be applied only to married people caught in the act of committing the adultery, therefore mistakes and misinterpretation are impossible.

The so often "it's not what you think" seen in American movies doesn't stand here. In order to keep the Muslim on the right path, Islam provides solutions to every particular problem which may arise in marriage, therefore allows the unhappy spouse to request or file for divorce, offers balance between devotion and married life so the shaikh, unlike the catholic priest, can marry any time before or after he took the religious path, allows (take care, does not encourage, just allows!!!) the husband more than a wife in certain cases under a sine qua non mandatory condition, to inform the wife of his intention and make justice among them, meaning treating them good alike and spending equally on each of them. This privilege regards extremely active males, those whose wives got a terminal or a severe mental disease incompatible with married life or turned out to be barren (of course knowing these inconveniences no one else would have married them, consequently their personal needs would not be taken care of, condemning them to either abstinence or to sin), and, last but not least, by compelling the husband to provide for wife(s) and children and to give a dowry before marriage and one year financial support after divorce in case of divorce, prevents the women to resort to prostitution), prevents sin, generally, and adultery in particular.

Considering all that, yes, I would throw the first stone.

Choosing the way of sin takes place deliberately (sorry, the adultery can't be blamed on alcohol, since alcohol is forbidden together with all the hallucinogens and everything that may impair consciousness). When the carefully selected couple is compared to a cover for each other forming a solid unitary structure, adultery has no excuse. Why to put up with so much pain? Doesn't the betrayed partner, most of the times, be it in movies, songs or reality, kills the transgressing one? Then why everybody is so offended by death occurring through stoning? Most of the times, transgressors, filled with remorse, testified against themselves and requested the stoning for themselves as means of paying for the sin in this life and then going clean, purified, in Heaven. Have you seen the scene of lapidating the heroine played by Irene Papas in "Zorba the Greek"? Muslims wouldn't have done it.
Islam knows about hormones and their effect on behavior. Normally, unmarried people caught in the act aren't punished by stoning to death. Most of the times, they will get away whipped on their soles and married with no ceremonials. The honor killing is a sin. Only uneducated people if any, commit honor killing. Asking for divorce when she is unhappy in her marriage, when reconcilliation is out of discussion, is the wife's right. She should be granted her right. Marriage by force followed by divorce and honor killing has no place in Islam. It goes with ignorance, vanity and tradition, which most of the times is on the wrong foot according to Islam. That is a proof that I am not saying Muslims are always right, but Islam is. Forgiveness sometimes is just a door opened to compromise from what is right.


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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
1st Aug 2012 (#)

No I would not throw the first, or any, stone. The simple reason being that morals are not laws. What these people are doing may be immoral, but it is NOT illegal and there is a key difference.

Now I do realise that in countries such as Saudi Arabia where Sharia law is prevalent this act may be illegal, but stoning itself is wrong and immoral. Remember that before you kick back and say that I am an ignorant Westerner, know this I am married to a Muslim and my wife abhors this kind of behaviour and can point to many passages in the Qur'an that actually indicate the opposite.

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author avatar boema6
1st Aug 2012 (#)

Thank you very much for the comment. Yet, there is something terrible wrong with this sentence: "I am married to a Muslim and my wife abhors this kind of behaviour and can point to many passages in the Qur'an that actually indicate the opposite." A Muslim woman is not allowed to marry but a Muslim man, so most probably you are married to an apostate of Islam or you are a Muslim yourself which I also doubt since the stoning to death is ordered in Qura'n and no passage can indicate the opposite; once caught in the act or testified by oneself, stoning is a must. If the couple gets away uncaught and does not feel remorse, this is a totally different story. They will be judged for it by Allah Himself, where He may choose to forgive them or to punish them with Hellfire.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
1st Aug 2012 (#)

oh dear why must judgement take such horrific ways...and God/Allah does not judge only man judges...and that judgement will be returned to him.

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author avatar David Reinstein,LCSW
2nd Aug 2012 (#)

While I suspect that it is not always either reasonable or appropriate to take the Bible literally, when it some to the guidance offered in the lone, "Let he who has no sin cast the first stone" rings as true today as it did the day it was written (and probably long before.)

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