Startling, but Exciting Revelations about the World we live in - PART TWO: The Human Assumption

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As human beings we see what we see - and simply accept it. There is a whole lot more that we do not see, which is where everything really begins.

More than what meets the eye

Pease see PART ONE

We live on a planet where we, as human beings, physically interact with each other, that is, all confrontations between humans, whether at home, work or play, are on a physical basis. Communication between two or more people consists of eye contact, words and gestures, all of which belong to and emanate from the physical body. Of course, there are mental processes involved, but these also come from within the physical body. We even judge each other by our physical appearance, as if someone’s physical body tells the whole story about that person’s character.

The point is, we see ourselves (our human bodies) as living, physical entities capable of intellectual and emotional expression as supposedly generated by our brain by means of our mind, which presumably forms an integral part of the brain. This would make us somewhat like hi-tech emotion-laden, intelligent robots living out our lives until disease or disaster terminates our existence.

Most people would accept that we also possess some kind of spirit, but that such spirit operates more as an inner field of conscience for the purpose of self-examination and resolution of difficult issues in our lives. In other words, the belief is that we are a totally
independent life force within our physical selves and that no other form of influence has any bearing on our intellectual or physical abilities, nor our consciousness as living human creatures.

This means that a psychiatrist could not look beyond the physical sense-gained experiences of a patient in order to find answers to whatever the problem is. And the psychiatrist would have to rely on the patient’s memories of events as, presumably, imbedded in some area of the brain. An extraction and analysis of such memories would then have to follow.

The real you

Most of what is stated above is a misconception held by all of us and we’ve been living with it for all of our lives. Our general understanding of how the human body functions – as briefly summarized above – is totally wrong. And this is where eyebrows are going to be raised. However, allow me to proceed and let this book put things into perspective. You are on your way to that stage not yet tread upon.

Your physical body is primarily the outer shell of the real you, that is, your spirit. The real you, your spirit, is “housed” by a physical body for the purpose of keeping you (your spirit) earthbound. You are, first and foremost, a spiritual being expressing yourself (as a spiritual entity) through a physical body. Therefore, your intellect, emotions, memory and ability to communicate belong to and emanate from the spirit within your physical body. Even your mind forms part of your spirit.

As a spiritual being, locked inside a physical cocoon, you cannot experience the spirit world. Your five physical senses form the “windows” for your spirit to the natural world. In other words, as a spirit confined to the earth within a body, you are applying yourself, on the earth, through your body.

From the spirit to the body

As a young spirit you learned the language of your parents and it took quite a while for you, as a spiritual being, to get your body to form and give sound to those words via your body’s vocal cords. When you stand in front of a mirror you will only be able to see the reflection of your physical body, and you can say to God as per Job 10:11, “You have clothed me (my spirit) with skin and flesh, and have fenced me (my spirit) with bones and sinews.”

What a remarkable description. By command God “locked in” the spirit behind a “fence” of bones and sinews and wrapped “clothing” of skin and flesh around that fence, so that the combination of spiritual and physical components, joined together, culminate in a creature called man. The only difference between us and Angels is the fact that we have this covering of a structure made up of flesh and bone.

And if the physical body is merely a cladding for the spiritual being within, then it (the physical part) can have no intellectual and emotional abilities or mind of its own. Your mind – the “brain” of your spirit, you could say – forms part of your spirit body. It is this spirit-mind that uses the physical brain as a “conduit”, by means of chemical activity and electrical impulses (generated by the spirit) to instruct the physical body to enact the movement and sound of the spirit. The process is instantaneous, as if you had no physical body.

In other words, the spirit within gives animation to the physical body via the nervous system. And the latter is empowered by that spiritual life force within, not unlike the plugging in of power to a computer to make it perform. The Bible makes it absolutely clear that “as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.” (James 2:26)

Therefore, your physical body is merely an outer covering (in the likeness of your biological heritage) for you as an individual spirit in which your consciousness as a living entity is seated. Two people in conversation are really two spirits having a chat. The one spirit may have a very attractive physical appearance and the other not so attractive. But it is not what you look like that matters. It is what comes out of your spirit that establishes the nature of your character. And what comes from your spirit is known as your word.

Two spirits get going, but the going is all physical

Now you know who is really in consultation with the psychiatrist. Your spirit made the appointment and your body got there by means of the power of your spirit. In other words, your speech and body language is really the speech and body language of you as a spirit- being. And the spirit of the psychiatrist is now in consultation with your spirit, but neither of you know it.

Imagine a dating couple sitting in a restaurant gazing at each other across the table with love-struck eyes. Both are very attractive human specimens. They are sizing each other up, both in love with what they see. What in effect is happening is that two spirit-beings are excited about the appearance of each other’s physical bodies and they cannot wait to unite in wedlock, which they eventually do.

Less than a few years later they despise each other and head for the divorce court. The reason? Simple. Their relationship was based purely on physical sense-knowledge. They did not realize that two spirit-beings were involved. And neither did they know that, as spirit-beings, they possessed inherent wickedness under the authorship and orchestration of another unseen spiritual force. (More about this later)

I have, in essence, given you the bottom line as to the make-up of the human creature called man. You now also have the key with which we will unlock some important doors for you to step through to areas where you will find many truths about yourself as an earthbound spirit. You are about to become truly acquainted with the person you really are.

Get ready for some shocking realities – and pleasant surprises.


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author avatar Sinbad the SailorMan
13th Jan 2011 (#)

Very interesting thoughts and explanations Jack, I have been away from teachers and men of thought for some time it is nice to see there are some still out there, in this day and age, I have very distinct ideas which I have had for a very long time and have been shunned for them and chased away and it amazes me to finally start to see others actually state some of what I have held for quite some time now. Thanks for the write Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

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author avatar Jack Vorster
14th Jan 2011 (#)

Thank you, Sinbad.

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author avatar Denise O
22nd Jan 2011 (#)

Jack, another very fine piece of work. I so believe in being real with yourself and that you find deep in your soul.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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