Special Bond

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Dogs are man's best friend. How about cats? This are my views about the relationship of pets and their owners.

Special Bond

There is something between a connection of human and animals. Pets at home have this extraordinary relationship with their owners. Our relationship with our pets serves as our happiness, joy and sometimes brings out the best in us and could serves as our stress reliever .It may be a pet cat, pet dog, or any animal that interests you.

It can maybe weird sometimes like snakes or lizards or even sometimes turtles. Our pets has been a part of our lives ever since. In my own opinion, God created this world for us to take care of these precious creatures.

People who are sad or lonely and seeking for companionship took care of these kinds of pet. A dog or cat brings smiles to people’s faces. Disabled people or people undergoing therapy due to traumatic incident in their lives depend on their furry pets as guards.

Pets can also be dependable as a security partner at home or at work. Some dogs that are trained are involved in explosive detections and are positioned in public places such as airports and malls. Cats are instinctive to catch pests such as mouse. They aid us to be alive and better and have a large contribution in the society.

They continue to shower us with care, love and even laughter. Every pet can be considered as a member of the family. I myself, consider my pet cat as a member of the family. Whatever I eat, he also eats. He’s kind of spoiled sometimes.
Yes, sometimes, we get angry to them also because of our playful acts but still we cuddle them afterwards and we forgive them immediately. And just by touching, cuddling, squeezing or hugging them feels good.

As our pets provide us those kind of happiness and joy, we, as owners are responsible for their safety. Yes indeed, we should be aware of that. In giving back whatever our pets giving us. It is fair enough to feed them regularly and give them a home to live in. Give a time for them, an hour or two or so. And if ever, you can train them also to do things or special tricks.

Our special bond with our pets has provided us greater impact in our lives. Their unconditional love for us inspires us to be a better human being. But not everyone will love your pet, others might not like them. But despite of that, it is important that we us their owner love them wholeheartedly.

Anyone can also be an advocate of the animal welfare. Their many associations around that are involved in the well-being of these extinct creatures and animals. Why not try joining them?


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