Sometimes death uncovers many bones...

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Sometimes the death of a key person can bring down the hammer on an unsuspecting family member.

Death of a Father

At the tender age of about 30 years old a young woman's father had a massive stroke. He was in and out of the woods every single day after the stroke for what seemed like an entire month. Her siblings drove the 2 hour ride to go see their father and intentionally left her for whatever reason. Not once, but twice when their father had his one foot in the grave moments.

She accepted the fact that she might not see her father if he makes his transition. Even though she was sadden by these events it didn't stop her from wanting to get to her father to see how he was doing in person. Eventually, two of the eldest siblings took her to see their father and the moment she walked in the room he brightened at the sight of her. It was a bit hard to see him after this stroke because the stroke before this was nothing in comparison. She got to see him one more time when the drama began to unfold in front of her and the last thing she told her father was to be good and he shook his head in accordance.

She thought she was going to get him home to care for him but for one reason or another it didn't happen. He saw his 80th birthday and 6 days later made his transition. Less than 24 hours after his death the young lady was blamed for his death, people began to rationalize the negative treatment in her childhood, and brought up an assault that happened to her when she was 17 like it was nothing. But what if this was something she was still struggling with...they didn't seem to care one bit because clearly it wasn't them.

Drama happens of course for the planning and the actual funeral itself. Within a 7 day period of her father's passing any and everything someone wanted to tell her about herself they did. While her father was alive no one told her how much they disliked her, hated her, didn't want her, and whatever else that came to mind. What stung the most was the fact she didn't do anything to these family members so why did she deserve such treatment. And on top of that why wait until he died before you said it? Of course, fear of it being a problem with father.

Years later this same young lady has learn the foundation of this negativity was the fact they had issues before she was born and the issues they had with her relationship with her father. So, in all of that it seems to give the grieving process a run for its money. Considering you have to deal with all the drama and balance it out to get to the whole process of grieving the loss of a parent. But in the end you always get to acceptance!


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
12th Aug 2012 (#)

We have to accept a lot in our lives to retain our sanity! siva

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
12th Aug 2012 (#)

Many of the worlds problems are based on the notions that children govern the lives their parents and vice versa. While parents teach their children how to live and behave initially, their future actions are based on the societal conditioning that is seen around.
While the person with the stroke brightened upon seeing his daughter, the world made her feel extremely crucified and that probably led to the fact that the excessive stress and tension in the man or the guilt of what he was hiding finally came to pass giving rise to the transcending of the spirit not because she was bad but because the society pointed the finger at her.
It only shows the ficklemindedness of the societies we live in wherein they judge a person from one deed rather than looking through the entire history and then giving the judgement. It is when the whole history is looked into, you would see that the fact lies in the past wherein historical facts and attributes led to the demise in the present and the innocent one who was trying to bring happiness got made the scapegoat instead.
If the woman is brave enough she will turn and walk away from the situation or let her soul fall to nothingness wherein she wallows in self pity till it claims her youth, her life, love, family etc. to the point of no return wherein she becomes just a number to the world and not the name who turned around and was there for her father during his dying days.

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