Social Oppression of Women and Children in India

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Social oppression is a reality that some avoid adroitly. People look for progressive solutions. Yet, backwardness exists and sometimes flaunted to prove that someone is higher or better socially. Knowing about causes and agencies that care for people who are stigmatized helps one deal with the problem effectively.

Social Stigma Pressure of Living in Modern Society

When kings are born, they are borne off. Or is it all peaches and plums, or is there something evil residing in the undercurrent? Society builds its bonds through customs and traditions. Religion plays an important role in modern society and people who have stigma find living very tough.

People are also born in war torn regions like Iraq and Syria. So, are they kings or peasants? Why does life differentiate between souls born into the world at the same period and place one in a royal palace and another in the midst of bombs and tears? Social stigma does not occur overnight. It has to be earned through repeated insults and continued infringements in places people do not want them.

So, can we isolate one region of the world from another? Modern society consists of peace zones where people fight over food and gardens and war zones where the fight is over who has more guns and ammunition.

Making of politicians

Let us look at this wheel of shame and confusion. To keep this wheel turning, one must be politically connected and must be prepared to put their hands in dirty things and places. Nevertheless, politicians who pray that such things never transpire during their tenure as heads or representatives of government must do precisely that and wash public issues out or leave them as tainted objects that they could not handle effectively.

A. Social factors that contribute to stigmatized society

In an ordinary sense, people who are born to unprivileged members of society face an uphill battle daily in life. They must stand up for their parents and for the things the parents undergo and they must study and try to excel at their academics.
a. Dirty parentage: If you are born to parents who do not care about their children, you carry a very painful stigma. There are organizations that help such children in India such as STOP, which in association with AACC helps underprivileged women and children to open their own business enterprises by giving them loans.
b. Low progressive values: Since children do not see high standards set by women who are their parents, they do not aspire to become anything big in life. They are satisfied with anything and everything that comes their way and resort to anti-social practices to further their ends.
c. High degree of prostitution: STOP is taking active steps to end prostitution among women and children and help those affected to create a new life with schooling and support in society so that they can confidently interact with other people in society.
d. Great feelings of jealousy: Even people in higher echelons of society are jealous. It is natural for those who have been stigmatized to feel bad when they see others getting a job or receiving good education. To counter this attitude, stigmatized children are given opportunities to participate in social and cultural activities along with all others so that they no longer feel left out or have feelings of inadequacy when facing others in society.

B. Cause for their personal social backwardness

Social backwardness is mainly a cultural phenomenon with parents especially women encouraging their children to indulge in traditions that have been handed down over the ages. Prostitutes are taught to “accept” offers from strangers even when they are very small so that they become accustomed when they are older.
a. Broken homes: One major factor that creates disharmonious lifestyles in society is broken homes. Parents especially women lead a lax life with utter disregard for rules of society and their children learn this by observing their parents. They do not have a father or sometimes mother and they search for their parents in other places and homes of children who have a normal family life. Even though this is natural if corrective steps are not taken, these children will remain lost forever to society. To lose the first line of protection can be traumatic for children.
b. Distaste for their work: Since they lack a complete education, they are unable to communicate in a meaningful manner with other people of society. They develop distaste for progressive work and have a hard time finding lucrative employment. Asha for Education has helped thousands of children living in slums in India by providing the necessary facility. RUSS Foundation in Madurai, India has come into existence to care for children who do not have parents. They also care for those whose lives have been interrupted through advent of HIV or AIDS.
c. Resultant high pressures on work front: Due to social stigma, children aspiring for employment do not find many opportunities. Voluntary agencies help these women and children find employment sometimes by providing contacts with employers sometimes providing online shops. Even if they become employed, they are ridiculed and their work is over viewed with caustic disdain. It all begins with managing time properly.

C. Breakdown of social fabric within stigmatized society

Very lowest state of existence within a stigmatized society is traumatic and distraught members fight extreme standard and values. Prominent reasons for this could be summarized as follows. However, there are those who prefer to live on the other side of the line too.
a. Very low support from social circles
b. Links with underworld
c. Criminal connections keep them from progress

SOS villages, India helps children who have no parents or who have no way of remaining with their biological parents by providing them alternate families to live with. Children receive love, security and warmth that only family can provide.

To fight social oppression in modern society, all persons must become aware of struggles that underprivileged face. One must then, participate actively (by doing volunteer work) or passively (by making donations) in these social groups to help women and children who are stigmatized to come up and face the challenges of life successfully.

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
16th Sep 2014 (#)

I wish you had given more examples of this point
"To fight social oppression in modern society, all persons must become aware of struggles that underprivileged face. One must then, participate actively (by doing volunteer work) or passively (by making donations) in these social groups to help women and children who are stigmatized to come up and face the challenges of life successfully."

But overall, it was a good article describing the problems that must be overcome.

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author avatar snerfu
17th Sep 2014 (#)

I will try to elaborate in my next few articles Phyl. Thanks.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
16th Sep 2014 (#)

Awesome post Snerfu and very inforamtive, great investigation, cheers!

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author avatar snerfu
17th Sep 2014 (#)

Thanks Mr Mc Costigan. Cheers!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
17th Sep 2014 (#)

Balanced post and good highlight on a needed subject, thanks Snerfu. In my childhood days, society did not have much awareness of the issues of poverty and the underprivileged. Now there is help from many NGOs that help uplift the many to come up in life. One issue is self-help that the poor have to be aware that a lot depends on them - they have to help themselves too. The main issue is bad habits mainly the men tend to become drunkards and take advantage of the womenfolks. Now there are sources for women to be self-employed with financial assistance not a major issue and the girls are getting opportunities to further their education with many thinking of going to the land of milk and honey - AMRIKA - with many trailblazers from the lowest strata of society to inspire them! siva

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author avatar snerfu
17th Sep 2014 (#)

Poverty is a stigma that lingers. Yes Siva, there is much ground to be covered and Internet is helping bridge that gap. Thanks for the look up and hope you have recovered from your surgery fully.

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