Soccer With Dad

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Marzeus cannot believe it - he's only been playing for thirty seconds, and already he can barely breathe!

The same goes for Father however.

"Let's play only up to three goals", suggests Marzeus.

"Let's make that five", says Father.

Soccer With Dad

It's the first time literally in years, since Marzeus or Father have last played the game, soccer. And their fitness levels are clearly not what is required anymore. They're gasping for air, but they keep going.

Marzeus cannot believe how unfit he is. For the past two weeks, every morning he's been going for a ten minute walk, then doing ten minutes stationary run to music, then some floor exercises and a dumbbell exercise for another ten minutes, and finally to top it off, ten minutes of streetboarding.

He really would think that the above would have kept him at a reasonable fitness level so he could last at least half an hour playing soccer. But, alas, none of that was enough to keep him strong on the soccer field.

It appears that Marzeus is going to lose to Father, in spite of Marzeus being the first to get a goal. Mother joins them next to the lawn to cheer them on. Within the last minutes of the game, Marzeus finally beats his father by one goal.

They collapse next to Mother, panting like dogs, feeling like they don't have the power to ever walk again.

"Just look at you both!", exclaims Mother, seeing them both sweating like pigs. "You should do this more often; you'll be fit in no time."

They both agree.

Unfortunately three days later when father is playing tennis with another of his tennis pals, he pulls both his upper legs.

No soccer will be played for a while now.

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