Smelly Shoes? Help Is On The Way

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It is the presence of bacteria on your feet that produces the foul smell; and bacteria can be neutralized by ultraviolet light.

Smelly Shoes? Help Is On The Way

Feet smell…and so do shoes when your appendages have resided in them for a while. It can be embarrassing in company, even more so when you’re trying to get intimate with your partner; but there is not much you can do about it. Well, I suppose you could wash your feet every few hours, but that is hardly practical considering today’s hectic life style: and deodorant does not really work down there.

So do we just resign ourselves to the inevitable? Pretty much…till now. But help is on the way. Some nerdy boffins have developed a new gadget which they say can stamp out the odor from shoes. Say hello to the SteriShoe shoe sanitizer, marketed by Shoe Care Innovations Inc., which the manufacturers say is clinically proven to destroy micro-organisms in shoes using ultraviolet light. They also claim that it is recommended by doctors as a chemical-free method to kill bacteria in shoes, getting rid of most shoe odor; and also reducing the risk of infection from athlete’s foot.

It is the presence of bacteria on your feet that produces the foul smell; and bacteria can be neutralized by ultraviolet light. This scientific fact has been long known, of course. Ultra-violet light is used as a disinfectant in hospitals, dental surgeries, swimming pools and other water treatment systems, but what this device provides is a convenient and non-messy way to destroy the microscopic critters without too much effort on your part.

SteriShoe, rather appropriately, looks like a shoe tree and needs to be placed inside the shoe. It will be sold in pairs so users can treat a pair of shoes with each application. According to Rainer Kuehling, a spokesperson for the company, “If the stench from your footwear regularly kicks up a stink with your other half, then this could be the solution to your relationship woes.” Well, not quite, but it certainly would help. According to researchers, the average person produces up to 250 ml of sweat per foot each day, but SteriShoe can kill 99.9% of bacteria in just 45 minutes.”

It is further claimed that the device works for people who suffer from athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, or just smelly feet; and is a clinically proven sanitizer that destroys micro-organisms in shoes using ultraviolet light.

Right now, SteriShoe is available only within Great Britain, but the manufacturers assure us that it will soon be available worldwide. It is expected to sell for around $120; not exactly cheap, but then, think how grateful your girlfriend will be. That is priceless.


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