Slow Cooker Meals for Healthy Living

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Slow Cooker meals are healthy and taste great made for a family or just for one person. It is easy to set up a crockpot meal and let it simmer all day then serve it for dinner. You will enjoy the results which are healthy foods for everyone.

The size of slow cookers is important

The slow cooker a good way to make great meals can be used by just about anyone. At my house I have a larger cooker for my meats and a double cooker for my vegetables. There are many recipes that can be used to make a family meal or used for cooking for two. The brand of the slow cooker does not matter and it is not normally necessary to have a fancy cooker with a lot of different attachments. I do prefer the oval shape slow cooker for meats and the rounded ones for vegetables

Let's Talk Pork

Pork chops or pork steaks are great when you wrap them in tin foil place and place them in the bottom of your slow cooker. Just a little water so they can cook all day steaming to perfection. I enjoy them most when I add some seasonings to the pork before I put them on to cook. This makes great barbeque meat if you like to take them out of the crockpot adds your favorite sauce and they place in the over about ½ hour to finish cooking and picking up the flavor.

Let’s not forget the pot roast. The pot roast will come out very delicious when you season it putting in the slow cooker along with potatoes, carrots, celery, etc. You can add your favorite sauce or use packet of brown gravy to secure a delicious favorite. Spare ribs are great when you first cook them in the slow cooker and let them cook for about four hours. Then take them out soaking them in your favorite barbeque sauce. Place in the oven and bake half an hour or put them on the grill cooking the flavor right into the ribs.

Let's Talk Beef

Beef made in a slow cooker becomes very tender and makes a delicious meal. Take a tender piece of beef wrap it in tin foil and cook it for about four hours then place in the oven or on the grill in order to finish cooking. You can brown your beef in a skillet and cook it in the slow cooker until it is done. Many people like to make beef stew in their slow cooker as well. You might enjoy making your beef so you can tear it apart so that it makes delicious roast beef sandwiches. You are able to find many good recipes that will help you to spice up things when you want to prepare beef in a slow cooker.

Let's Talk Potatoes

You will find that making potatoes in a slow cooker can only make them more delicious than baking, boiling or frying. Potatoes can be cooked whole with a little bit of water in the slow cooker. You may also peel the potatoes and cook them slowing all day in your slow cooker in water. When you get home in the evening drain the potatoes now they are ready for mashing or making potato salad. I like instant potatoes like scallops or au gratin. Make the potatoes as directed by the box and put in the slow cooker. You will find that the potatoes are better cooked and have a very tasty flavor.

Let's Talk Vegetables

Vegetable turn out great in a slow cooker for instance green beans fresh or canned should be seasoned with ham and a bit of green onions. Corn on the cob cooks tender and delicious. Many vegetables cook very tender when you add a little bit of water and place them in the slow cooker. You can add butter or chicken broth depending on the vegetables which will enhance the flavor. Give your vegetables a slow cooker day and they will be yummy.

Let's Talk Chicken

My favorite dish is made using chicken. I like to use Campbell’s Golden Mushroom Soup or the Tomato Gold mix it with two cans of water place in slow cooker adding your favorite pieces of chicken. This is a great dish that you and the whole family will enjoy. Cook chicken in chicken broth adding butter when chicken is almost done then add biscuit dough in order to make delicious dumplings. Chicken soup is at its best when done in the slow cooker. What about chicken and noodles? Cook your chicken in water and chicken broth until almost done then add noodles. Normally the noodles only take an about twenty minutes before they are done.


Enjoy your slow cooker or crockpot today it is the best way to make a meal from scratch. You can put it on early morning and when you come home your meal is completed and you find that you are not tired from slaving in the kitchen. Your family will like what you have prepared and for those who live alone or only have one other this is a simple good method to make a nutritious meal.

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