Six Types of Women a Guy Should Never Ask to Marry

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Guys, are your ready to puff that question? Did you plan everything including the gold platinum engagement ring? Beware. Before asking the line, “Will you marry me?” with bend on your knee in front of many, make it sure that you will not regret it.

Six Types of Women a Guy Should Never Ask to Marry

1. The Complicated Type

Some girls are complicated, other girls are twice complicated but not all girls are complicated. But since I'm talking about the most complicated girl, I will described this girl who has a complicated mind, a complicated thought with a complicated decision.

Who is she?

She’s the kind of girl who always get in with the boys, who become easily attracted to the opposite sex, she’s friendly and very passionate but when time comes that you will ask her out, she will say, “Hnmm… not sure yet, I will try though. But, you have my number, you can call me”. When you call her within the week, she will not answer the phone.

She’s the type of girl who can’t make a wise decision. She always love to hang around. She loved to make commitment but when the day comes, she’ll call and say, “Oh, I forgot to tell you that I have an important appointment today”.

She’s screwed up into something. She can’t be faithful or loyal. She likes complicated relationship in a complicated time in her complicated life. She will make the complicated situation into more complicated one. She likes to try and play mind games. Guys, if you're hook up with this kind of girl, be careful. Chances are your relationship with her is more complicated as it gets.

Still, you will ask her to marry you. In other words, love is totally complicated.
2. The What-She-Wants, What-She-Gets Type

She’s flirty, ambitious and damn spoiled. However, she’s very attractive, sexy and exquisite. She used her beauty in order get what she wants. She used her sex appeal to manipulate men. Her luscious personality makes the man entangled and set them into trap. She will use sex to get anything and she’ll make it sure that she can have the things that she wants. If she can’t get it by just looking at her man, becoming so sweet and so damn loving is her next move. Man, beware. She will use all the tactics to get it.

She might be playing the devil’s advocate. She’s dangerous but damn gorgeous. She tempts. She flirt just to get what she wants. She knows how to control you and she knows how to play with you. She can make you to be head-over-heels in love with her. She’s totally the loveliest creature on earth that you’re going to love and to hate. She can make you cry and basically she can turn you into someone that you will regret at the end. She’s the controlling type.

What I like about with this type of girl is that, she is so determined and confident. She always stands on her ground.

So, are you going to ask this type of girl to marry? Well, it’s up to you. If you can handle her, I’ll give you a round of applause.
3. The Gold Digger Type

Have you heard a 26 years old girl who married an 86 years old business executive man? This type of girl only wants her name written in the “Will of Testament”. She’s the type of girl who doesn’t want to live without the luxury in life. She loved jewellery and she get sick if she can’t get it. She loves to drive with the most expensive type of cars in the world. She loves to party and anything in this world she loves to crave. She loves to dine in the most expensive restaurants and go shopping in the most popular and expensive store in the whole world.

Of course, you know her. She likes fashion most of the time. She wants to be the most magnificent creature in this whole planet. She spends most of her time and money on her looks in order for the big pocketed man to fall into her arms. She’ll be easily described as “femme fatale”; she’s definitely looking for big daddy. Sugardaddy to be exact. Most of the time, a gold digger type of girl is extremely beautiful, sexy and damn gorgeous, which becomes “men’s weakness”.
4. The Nagging Type

In other words, she’s the “Miss Faultfinder”. She always fine faults in everything that you do. She blames you for anything and not addresses her own mistakes. She’ll make it sure that you’re the one to blame and not her. She will be your reminder about your own mistakes. She’ll make your head throb and ache. She can fight with you inside the bus, inside the subway and in the street. She doesn’t care about what people will say. The only thing she cares about is that she has to say what she wants to say.

If she gets mad onto something, she will blame you. Her famous and popular line will always start like, “Why do you always….blah, blah, Why can’t you make or ever…blah…blah …? She always likes to nag, pick a fight and she’s not totally a happy person to the point of dragging you out from your own happiness. The bad news is that a nagger type of girl is the kind of girl who always thinks that she’s bringing her relationship into a deeper level. They think that reminding her man is constructive and very helpful in the relationship.

Of course, you’re willing to take the blame, because you love her, you don’t want to lose her and you’re just plain stupid. Still, she’s the woman you want to get married to. No one can blame you for that. Love is blind as the saying goes. Especially, your heart has a mind of its own. Go and puff that question, “Will you marry me?” (If you dare)
5. The Most Erratic Type

She’s the type of girl you love to hate. She constantly changes her mind all the time. She doesn’t have any consistent decision. She’s unpredictable and never knows what she wants. If she likes one thing now, she will change her likes later on. Her mind is like weather, changing constantly. Her moods are sometimes fluctuates, she become happy now and later on, you will hear from her, “I’m not in the mood” You will understand her, because you love her. You can’t afford to lose her. When it comes to her decision, she’s not firm. She wavered all the time. She has a tendency to have a "Multiple Personality Disorder". She can play safe, she can be harmful. She can be erratically unreliable.

However, she knows it. She knows her own character. She knows that she can be inconsistent and she knows how to ask apology. She seemed to be good of taking care of her own but in the end, she always sink into trouble. She can be troublesome and can harden her heart. She can detach herself to you and sometimes becomes so attach towards you. You can’t predict her emotions, or her own decision. Certainly, there’s always mood swings. She’s the most unpredictable girl who is very hard to read. She’s the sweet type though; she can do everything for you. Sometimes, you can hear her on the phone crying, and then she hang up. Then, she called again and says “sorry” and then she laugh. She has her own stupid wisdom and ended up into nothing. In some way, you get confused about her character but still, you keep hanging onto her and want to puff that question to her. Because your so stupidly and undeniably in love with her.
6. The Miss-Know-It-All Type

She knows everything. She knows about the scientific name of the sea horse and the other kingdom Animalia or the other species on this planet. She knows about the latest happening in the world of politics. Especially, she knows what will happen to the actors and actresses in Hollywood. She likes current events. She will become your “Walking Newspaper".
She knows what’s hot and what’s not. She’s most interested in your own achievements rather than you as a person. She questions your thoughts to the point of being provocative. Her being single-minded enthusiast will make you becomes irritated and your head throb. She always pursue on intellectual matters. She likes to debate and never stop until everybody will say, “She’s smart”.

She will tell you about your own duties, responsibilities and your own rights. She will discuss the matter as being the experts. In terms of the law, don’t bother to bug her; she will definitely talk about it without an end. She’s the nerdy-nerdy type. She doesn’t want to welcome corrections. She gets irritated, if someone will question her about something she didn’t know. She wants to know and she will know. She has the ability of knowing and she has this instinct to know.
Her famous line, “I know” will always come out from her mouth. Do you like to ask her to marry you? Well, if you can handle hers, why not?

So, are you ready to puff the question? Go ahead. Love will make her right, though. So dare to ask!


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author avatar LOVERME
24th Sep 2010 (#)

i wish all folks read ur work of marked intelligence and information
before free nuptials

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author avatar Retired
24th Sep 2010 (#)

Hopefully if a guy falls in love with one of these types she will have a good mix of other great qualities to go along with it. =)

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author avatar wwkeen
25th Sep 2010 (#)

thank for your information, will try to avoid these type of girls

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author avatar Janelle Coulton
28th Feb 2013 (#)

Very entertaining read. Thanks for sharing

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author avatar Harry
24th Mar 2013 (#)

Don't you think; these 6 qualities are common to all women??

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author avatar Dinesh
24th Apr 2013 (#)

Correct No information can be termed as "sufficient"
about the girls.They are always unpredicatable.

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