Sisters Are the Best Friends You'll Ever Have

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Sisters share a special, lifelong relationship. No matter what you do or where you go in life, sisters are the best friends you'll ever have. Here's why.

Sisters Go Way Back

They share your parents, your other siblings and your secrets. They've known you longer than anybody else except your parents. They are sisters: the best friends you'll ever have.
Sisters share a common family and a history that goes way back. Your big sister may remember the day your parents brought you home from the hospital. Or maybe you're the big sister in the family, and you remember when your little sister first came home.
Sisters share a family's memories, stories and jokes. Do you remember when you tried to make your first peanut butter sandwich? You may not remember but your sister probably does. She can tell you how you got more peanut butter on the kitchen table than on your bread. Memories like these can get passed on from generation to generation. Some day, your own daughter, son or grandchild will laugh when your sister tells that story during a family dinner.

A Special Bond

Sisters share a special bond. They tell each other everything. They keep your secrets and give you advice.
When you were first learning how to ride a bike, you may have fallen off a lot. Then, your sister told you how to balance on it. Maybe she even showed you how.
Sisters are a source of wisdom no matter what stage of life you're at. She is the one who showed you how to paint your nails and put on eye shadow. She may have helped you with your math homework. Maybe she helped teach you how to drive. She probably gave you advice on dating.
Sisters are there for the big moments of your life. When you walked across a stage and got your diploma, you could look into the audience and see her cheering for you. When you got married, you saw your sister standing by your side as your maid or matron of honor. If not, she was in one of the first pews still rooting for you.
While friends may come and go, your sister is your companion forever. Even if you move across the country, you will still call her on the phone, e-mail or Facebook her and visit as often as you can.

Lifelong Friends

Sisters never stop supporting you. No matter how old you are, you know you can always turn to her for help and advice. She is the one you will ask if you're having trouble getting your new baby to sleep. She will give you advice if you're not sure if you should try for a promotion or look for a new job.
Sisters will be there for you even on your most difficult days. If your boyfriend or spouse breaks up with you, you can find a sympathetic ear in your sister. If you get diagnosed with cancer, you will see her sitting in the waiting room while you get treatments. If you live far away, you know she will call you every day with encouragement. She will help you through the rough spots in life.
Be sure to call, e-mail your sister today and let her know how much she means to you. After all, she's given you so much - even if she does sometimes embarrass you by continually sharing that peanut butter sandwich story.


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