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Single women are no more scared to go to bars alone or with their girlfriends.

Girls like to also drink in bars

A growing number of college-age women are starving themselves, not necessarily to lose weight, but to save calories for drinking alcohol and beer. Such is the craze for drinking liquor amongst women today.

“One of my friends wouldn’t eat at all before she went out, then would get super drunk, and then would eat a lot—pizza, macaroni and cheese, whatever she could get her hands on and would make herself throw it up. She’d claim she was so drunk and didn’t mean to throw up but it was clearly intentional.” Said Maurice Longman, studying at Yale University in the U.S.

Gone are the days when girls dare not enter bars alone, but only in the company of males. These days it is not unnatural to see a group of girls entering a neighbour hood bar . Also sometimes solo. But in doing so she is liable to certain risks. A woman’s risk for victimization may be associated with specific changes in her behavior after drinking alcohol, particularly in the context of a bar.
The findings from poll studies have shown that alcohol consumption by girls or women appears to increase the likelihood of sexual assault by enhancing a man’s misperception of a woman’s friendly behavior as sexual intent, reinforcing stereotypes of the drinking woman as more sexually available, and decreasing a woman’s ability to correct this misperception.
Women are not to be blamed for their victimization found a recently conducted research study on the effect of “bars and social behavior” The investigation observed that women who tend to frequent certain kinds of bars and engage in certain kinds of behavior while at these bars are more likely to experience bar-related aggression.

Studies have shown that women are most likely to experience aggression from strangers in bars and from people they know in their homes. The girl alone findings are consistent with previous research that found certain bar characteristics to be associated with aggression. The results showed women, especially young ones who don’t have a stable relationship or a relationship that brings them happiness and show them attention, they look for it in different places…drinking really loosens them up and they try to do crazy stuff to get attention.“I just get loud when i drink anyway…i guess i want to make sure I’m heard. But when I’m with my girlfriends, we are always so loud and silly, we have a ball” said Tracy Gallaway one of the research team’s respondent.
It’s difficult to conclude on the merits and demerits of women drinking alone or with their girlfriends in bars but it’s definitely true that girls are drinking solo much moore than they ever did. what happens in a small village near Goa in Western India can serve as a promise to the maidens all over the world. A day in January- on the new moon is dedicated to men looking after the girls or women above 18 and serve them with their dose of hard liquor along with the meals. Each woman will then ask a man to do a task which she desires him to do i.e. ask him to dance or play a flute etc. No man can take any advantage of a woman who has drowned more pegs down her gullet.. That is considered a sin. He will be punished for the act which will be decided by all woman’s court. A woman can also decide her partner for the day. No questions from any quarter. How Exciting!


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author avatar Denise O
3rd Mar 2011 (#)

Well I agree with some you have written but, not with all, sorry but, that is how I feel. I was a waitress at a bar when I met my husband, well over 2 decades ago. I can say I have seen women being boisterous and such and not respecting themselves but, to be honest, they were few and far between. I do not think that if a woman does dance, laugh, show a bit of attention to a man, that it in any shape or form makes that man do a voilent act on that women. The man has had to already of been sick in the head in the first place. Most men do not take advantage of a women, drinking or not. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Mahesh Golani
7th Mar 2011 (#)

Thanks Denise for your valuable addition to the observations of mine. I would love more feedback from women though.....

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