Simple Remedies for the Woes of Pregnancy

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Simple and Natural Remedies for the Woes of Pregnancy including Exhaustion, Frequent Headaches, Blurry Vision and Period-like Cramps.

Simple Remedies for the Woes of Pregnancy

During your pregnancy your body goes through so many changes here are a multitude of symptoms which differ from woman to woman. One of the most obvious symptoms is morning sickness (find a cure for morning sickness at the bottom of this article)

Period-like Cramps

I also find that I get very uncomfortable cramps and to relieve these I like to use an old fashioned hot water bottle. If you have severe cramps talk to your doctor. I find the hot water bottle to be invaluable during my first pregnancy it helped with cramps and also the back pain without having to take any Tylenol or medication which I try to avoid as much as possible.

Frequent Headaches and Blurry Vision

If you wear contacts and find that you are having blurred visions, are getting frequent headaches there may be a change in your eyesight. I can't tell you the exact medical reason why but during my pregnancy I found I continuously had trouble looking at the computer screen in the afternoon and the words seemed slightly blurry and something to do with the water retention your eye shape and vision can temporary change. I switched back to wearing my glasses which I hated wearing for aesthetical reasons but could see a lot better and the headaches stopped. My eyes returned to normal several months after pregnancy and I could wear my original contact prescription.


Unfortunately there is no remedy for the exhaustion except to get extra sleep which is often difficult if you have a full time job or have other children but I suggest you nap if you have the opportunity especially if this is your first child as you won't get much sleep after the baby is born. Coffee - a lot of us rely heavily on coffee and I consulted my doctor who said it was okay to partake in one average size coffee (or other caffeinated beverage) per day. If you have a craving for a coffee in the afternoon try a decaf, there is still a minimum amount of caffeine and tastes the same.

Also check out a Cure for Morning Sickness

or Advice for the Pregnant Woman (things I wish I knew the first time around)


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