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Let's make relationships more manageable with four simple principles.


Relationships between men and women can be a wonderful experience that every human being should have the opportunity to have in their life. However, they can also be difficult and full of heartache and pain. As more people struggle with relationships, it seems the advice they are given can be just as complicated as the relationship itself. As a result of this, I’m going to break down relationships on the basic principles of humanity and interactions between all people for success.

Too often I see one girlfriend talking to her friend about a recent breakup and unfortunately, I see that it does more harm than good. The rules of a relationship should be SIMPLE. It’s not rocket science, even if it feels like it sometimes.


Communication. This is huge in any relationship. It will make or break one, too. The two parties must have the ability to communicate effectively to their partner. Girls and guys both should know that their partner is not a mind-reader. Osmosis does not occur (although it would be nice if it did), and if someone is upset or wants something, it needs to be communicated. Both people need to be open to discuss issues and their needs so that both people can work through it.

Trust. We all need it. When we invest so much in one other person, it’s natural to need to feel like we can trust them. This should be earned over time by the other person through HONESTY. No need to snoop or stalk each other, just expect honesty and in return, give it.

Giving and Receiving. Relationships are a two-way street. Emotionally, you must give and receive. Rely on your significant other, but make sure to do more than just take without giving anything back.

Relax. People tend to put a lot of value in their spouse or partner, so if something seems to go wrong, all of a sudden: panic!!! No. Don’t do that. Don’t jump to conclusions because that will make the other person seem as if you don’t trust them, and if they haven’t done anything wrong, they will feel violated. So communicate.

The Bottom Line

This outline is basic, but it will help guide you. After all, the more complicated the rules, the higher chance something is bound to fail. However, all relationships do require work. It’s inevitable, expect it. But if things do start to turn sour quickly and beyond repair, it’s okay. Relationships end. Remember to learn from your experiences and move forward to a happy life!


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16th Feb 2012 (#)

This is an excellent piece of advice, can you try this one?

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interesting writing again . Thnx for sharing .

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