Signs of Mr. Wrong

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This article discusses ways you can tell you are with the wrong guy.


When dating online people usually don't expresses their reality, meaning people generally hide their real personality. It is really hard to judge when dating, who is Mr. Right or if he is really Mr. Wrong. Here are a few hints that will help you to discover who the wrong ones are.

1. A man not making an eye contact with you is definitely not a good person. Place him in the list of dodgers and never trust to make a relationship with him. This is something you should pay attention to when you go on your first date. No eye contact, no second date.

2. Once you begin interacting with a man and spend some time getting to know each other, he should after a few months, express his feelings for you. But if you find your male partner escaping to make a commitment, or denying you love, don't waste your time with him. He will never be the right choice.

3. If your boyfriend mocks you and show no respect for your feelings or things you love, you must leave him as he has no interest in you as emanating from his gestures. His behavior will never change and you deserve to be treated better.

4. Your male partner is avoiding your invitation and prefers his personal matters on spending time with you whenever you make him an offer, take it as an insult and drop that guy immediately. Realize this if he cannot spare his time for you, how could he spare his heart for you.

5. You meet a boy while dating online. He is very open and shows extraordinary love for you. Praises you, spares his time for you cancelling important assignments, bring precious gifts, and showers you with adoration. You might be feeling good with him. Everything may be going perfect. But note it down that your choice is a player. His love and devotion are just a pretend and he will dodge you as soon he gets what he is after.

6. A guy who is not definite about relationship with you despite of having few dates and avoids making a commitment can never be your Mr. Right as he will disappear and move on after couple of more dates.

7. New Year night is coming or you are on the brink of Valentine day and there are no plans given by your male partner, or you find him missing on weekends, you must understand that the person has some more commitments besides you. Better to say bye to him.

8. A true friend after having few dates, will start inviting his girlfriend to seriously begin a relationship. If after a few dates, he continues to only want dates and 'nothing serious' he is not the man for you, time to move on.

There are several ways in which you can become aware of the intentions of the man you are dating but it is not so easy to make a decision in a state of love. So, always give command to your relationship to your brain rather than heart, because the heart does lie.


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14th Oct 2014 (#)

nice article. thanks for sharing :)

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