Should kids really be multitasking?

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Is it really important that kids learn how to multitask at an early stage or should they be allowed to play like children? Is having a tablet or a cell phone in pre-school a necessity?

Tablets in kindergarten

I just heard that kindergartens are introducing tablets for the kids to play games on! What the heck? Aren’t kids supposed to play with toys like Lego and dolls and learn motoric skills anymore? Shouldn’t children play in the puddles outside and get all dirty and exhausted from running around all day? Oh no, they should have Ipads because it develops their multitasking skills! I can’t help it, but I wonder what for? Why should 5 year olds manage multitasking? Are we really going to deprive them of the luxury and the right to focus on one thing at a time?


I remember taking my son to the beach to catch crabs. With some mussels, a piece of string and a clothespin we were in business! My son was 100% focused on the task and totally unaware of the world around him. My mind, on the other hand, was preoccupied with grocery lists, what to get for dinner and worrying about the weather as well as taking photos. By the time my son had caught 9 crabs I had caught only 1. While watching my son I found myself a little envious about his ability to focus on what he was doing and shutting everything else out. I still wish I knew how to concentrate so deeply on everything I do and shut everything else off. I think it would give me more peace of mind and make me more efficient in many situations.

We don't multitask. We jump back and forth!

I don’t believe multitasking is such a great thing. I think it makes you scratch the surface of many tasks instead of getting things done in a thorough way. I don’t think you can do more than one thing at a time. We switch between the tasks. We answer questions with an absent mind, play with our kids for a few seconds, switch back to finishing an SMS full of spelling errors before the TV or radio catches our attention for a couple of minutes. We don’t do it all at once. We jump back and forth!

Children will spend more time on the computer at an earlier stage

Parents are complaining about kids spending too much time on the computer, and now we’ll start the problem at an earlier stage in life! It also brings even more pressure on the parents as to feeling that they have to buy tablets for their toddlers. I’m not impressed!


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
2nd Jan 2014 (#)

The problem is parents are too lazy to say NO when their kid asks for a cell phone or to play on the computer.
Multitasking for kids should be playing Lego and talking to each other at the same time, nothing more.

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author avatar Graceful
2nd Jan 2014 (#)

That is so well said, Mark! Talking and playing Lego!

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author avatar Dan Dawson Sr.
3rd Jan 2014 (#)

Hey Cuteness, great piece!
I would say I have a little experience at parenting and being HDHD. Sounds like you may be too.
I cannot stress how very important it is for kids to just be kids. Live in the moment and share, 1 on 1, whatever they are doing. However, whether we like it or not, humanity is evolving. Parents seem to be evolving away from being parents to more of a friend role.Of course I believe we should be friends with our kids, but parents 1st!
Parents will need to be MORE OF A PARENT is this fast evolving time.I believe its okay for kids at the earliest age, be introduced to technology. BUT>>>also be set limits! And...when interacting with someone, to give them their full attention, Do not text while your talking to someone. Moderation is the key.
The time you spent catching crabs with your son is one of the greatest riches in your life!
Let me know if you want to teach him to fish!
Only the best,

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author avatar Graceful
3rd Jan 2014 (#)

Dan, thank you for commenting. I think a lot of parents believe setting limits for their kids makes them bad parents. Kids need limits and they actually like some of them! My son is now 17, and I think he knows everything he wants to know about fishing. :-)

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author avatar L. R. Laverde-Hansen
10th Feb 2014 (#)

This is right on the money! Besides the obvious developing the ability to concentrate, there is nothing like a first-hand tactile education. I should talk--I'm writing these comments from my smartphone--lol.

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