Should I Get A GPS Tracker Phone For My Kid?

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Pros and cons of tracking your kids through their GPS phones.

Should I Get GPS Tracker Phone For My Kid?

A parent with the ability to spy on his/her whereabouts every second of every day is every teen’s nightmare.

But losing a child is every parent’s nightmare.

Cell phones with GPS tracking systems, if not abused by parents, could be a wonderful thing. It is a horrible truth that children and teens are sometimes abducted, and as we’ve all heard in the media and on television shows, if that happens to your child, finding them quickly is the key factor to finding them still alive. A GPS tracker phone would make this easier.

It would also be easier to help your pre-teen become independant. Your son would like to head to the skatepark to meet his friends. You’re nervous he might get on the wrong bus. If he calls you saying “mom, I’m lost” all you have to do is check his position, and you can help him find his way. Great, right?

It might be a temptation to not let your teen know they have a GPS in their phone, and spy on him/her to find out how obedient he/she is. This would be a mistake. Part of being a teen is to form an independant personality, and taking away all of your teenager’s privacy will NOT improve your relationship. However, there is the potential to use the phone as a preventative measure. If your teen really wants a cell phone like all of her friends, your bargaining chip could be “Well, sure, I’ll buy you a phone, but it’s going to be one of those with a GPS in it so I know you’re safe.” She may not like it at first, but if the alternative is no phone at all, I’m sure she’ll take the deal. Knowing that you COULD potentially know where she is at any moment will likely make her think twice about lying to you about where she is going. This may help her make better decisions about potentially dangerous situations. In this situation, a GPS phone could help your teen stay out of risky situations in the first place! Especially if he/she knows that you are not abusing the technology by constantly checking up on him/her, but that you could if you wanted or needed to. Of course, you may have to get a GPS phone yourself so your teen always knows where YOU are, just to prove that it’s not about trust, it’s about safety!


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