Sharing a room with your sister means...

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Basically, just about how it is when one shares a room with her sister.

Sharing a room with your sister means...

Having your secrets spilled LOL Yes, all of them, all of your secrets. You try to hide your diary in the closet, she'll see it when she dress up and would obviously read. You try to let your diary sit back on your bookshelf, she'll see it when she's bored and she'll look up for a good book to read and would decide to read your diary instead. You try to hide it under the bed, she'll see it when she cleans the room. Anywhere you hide your things that are supposed to be on secret mode, would be known to her and would pester you about it. There's not gonna be much secret between you and your sister when you share a room. Everything about you, she knows. And everything about her, you know. I don't really know if it's negative or positive that she knows everything. LOL


But there's also an advantage, it also means a reachable friend is beside you, an audience for your "story of the day". You know you always have this "There's a guy in Starbucks who is so cute..." or this "I saw *insert mutual friend*, she has grown prettier over the year..." or this "I regret using this lotion, it makes my skin oily..." etc. And when you have a sister beside you, she has no choice but to respond LOL and yeah, I enjoy conversations like this. I love it when we talk about girly stuffs, and hot boys, and handsome foreign artists. I love it when we laugh about someone we both hate, I love it when we think we're cooler than everyone else LOL but of course, that's just between us. I mean, we don't say it in public, "Hey, we're cool and you're not. Suckahhh!". I love it when we talk about boys who we used to date and currently dating. I love easy conversations with my sister, no awkwardness, no "too much information", no alien things, just how things are supposed to be told. You can open up any topic, share anything because she knows it all.


To those of you who are really close to their sisters and might as well have a shared room with them too, you'd know what I mean. A close conversation at night, a tight bond every weekend. Nothing can replace it. Sometimes, you fight but you know you'd eventually make up and go back to telling stories and secrets. Nothing can replace a sister. Nothing.


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