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If, living on our own, we shared the evening meal with a neighbour or a friend that lives nearby, it saved us food, work and, therefore, money.

Share to save more money

I've always thought that by sharing we can save more and it can be more profitable for everyone of us -a car to go to the office or to the mall, food and even domestic appliances.
On one occasion, some friends that lived in the same building decided to share diner time. They lived in top flat and each of them at one end of a long corridor and each of them lived on their own. So, one of them suggested to the other that each day one would prepare supper and he would call the other to go in for the meal.
What did these blokes save? They saved on food, work and therefore money, because one of them was cooking for the two of them and also a most important thing was that they didn't have their meal on their own. They could talk about their day and their own issues.
I liked this idea so much that I suggested to a couple of friends that lived nearby where I live. How silly and sad it was having an evening meal on our own when the three of us lived so near from one to another!
This meant that out of seven days in a week, everyone of us was shopping for food and cooking once or twice a week only!
We met at the day's host's home to have our evening meal and while we ate, we talked just like the other two.
A relative suggested to some work colleagues that every time they could use one of the other car to go to work since all of them worked in the same place or nearby. What did they save? Well, everyone of them saved on petrol which is a lot besides the parking tickets and the city really appreciated such a treat. If many people did as this relative of mine pollution would be at a minimum and it'd be a lot more pleasant to walk in the city centre of any city.
I know that you'll say that sharing domestic appliances may be bit problematic, but think about it. Think of how many washing machines are working almost everyday in a building or how many people are watching the same TV programs -football, the news....
In the building where I live, we are twelve people living. We're a small community, but everyone of us has its own Internet connection, paying an average of 40 / 50 Euro a month each of us. If they agreed on a communal connection for everyone, we wouldn't pay more than 00.5.00 Euro each a month. I've suggested this on some occasions, but they claim that it wouldn't possible. It seems that they prefer to pay such a colossal amount of money for something that can be shared easily.
It's what I always say. By sharing what can be shared we'll get more.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
4th Nov 2015 (#)

Interesting Post!

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author avatar Carol Roach
4th Nov 2015 (#)

well the building has washing machines and dryers where I live. I don't have a car and I have the hardest time getting a lift anywhere. As far as food, I have to cook for myself and my son and he would never eat other people's food, we like hot and spicy most people don't

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author avatar vickylass
4th Nov 2015 (#)

It's only a suggestion. It sometimes can be done and sometimes cannot.

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