Sex Education--part Two

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Some people said that SEX is the ultimate expression of love and no amount of education could change a person’s sexual behavior particularly that of the sexually active youth. If you will be asked – will you accept this reason and forget about sex education for our children and youths?

The Apple of Everyone’s Eyes

I am not here to tell the world that what I am sharing to you should be accepted. I know of course, everyone has his own rights for his views and opinions and we should respect them in return.

Thirty-five years ago, I was a first year high school student. I was 15year old at that time. One of my female classmates who was also at my age had become the apple of everyone’s eyes. She was beautiful with black long hair down her back. She smiles beautifully with dimple on her cheeks.

The Hot Subject

One of my male classmates was attracted about her. He courted her and showed his love for the girl. And in a short of time they became young lovers. Now the problem started. Three months before finishing the school year – the girl got pregnant. These young lovers became the hot subject in our school that caused them to be expelled out. If we will try to analyze the incident, we will arrive a question for sure like – who will suck the problem?

Sex Education is a Healthy Move

Sex education for me is a healthy move. If parents become too hesitant to talk openly to their children about sex and just let their children learn about it by themselves – I guess there will be more unwed mothers who are only in their teens. And maybe more abortions could be expected.

Nothing Can Be Hidden from Children

Imagine this – having sexual urges or sexual fantasies at this young age with their shallow knowledge of the cause and effects of replicating acts they see on adult DVDs, this could result in unwanted babies and sometimes a deadly disease. In this world of high technology nothing can be hidden from children!

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If interested to read Part One - you're welcome.


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author avatar Carol
20th Mar 2011 (#)

Good and sensible article, with great ilustrations. Many thanks

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author avatar ppruel
21st Mar 2011 (#)

Once again thank you Ms. Carol I appreciated them.

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author avatar Jonathan
20th Mar 2011 (#)

You are very productive ppruel! And you still manage to keep it interesting!
When i was a kid back in the 80s one of my friends had a whole bunch of his friends (9-10year old boys) over to watch a VHS-video he had found at home.. one of the boys told his mother about this "strange" movie, and she talked to the rest of the parents, and I dont know, but I would guess that the father whom the film belonged to must have felt quite embarrased after that.. : )
So today with the internet and technology it must be almost impossible to shelter the kids from these things, and so its probably best to inform them in a responsible way so that they understand.

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author avatar ppruel
21st Mar 2011 (#)

Thanks Jonathan for that sharing and the inspiring comments. Agree.

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author avatar Denise O
1st Apr 2011 (#)

I agree ppruel, sadly most sexual things are getting harder and harder to hide from our kids when it comes to our kids. I wish more parents would get over the the sex thing and buck up and help their children, before they themselves are having children. I am following you. Sorry it took me so long, just have some patience with me my friend. On to part 3. Congrats on the star page, it is well deserved, on a great issue that needs to be put out there. As always, thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar ppruel
2nd Apr 2011 (#)

As usual thank you for your support my friend...See you around again.

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