Seven Cats In Seven Points

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Seven cats in Seven Points give their impressions on fashion and music.

Cats On Clothing

We're seven cats in Seven Points. Our mother gave us another writing assignment. This time she wants to know what we think about clothing. This is going to be so easy. Let's start with Angel Kitty's perception. Introducing..

"Please, I need no introduction." He pauses for a moment. " What's the topic again? Oh yeah clothing."

[Clears throat.}

"I've been thinking about this for awhile now. And it's pretty clear humans are chameleons. They change colors everyday. "

Mystery Kitty bursts out laughing. "You've got to be kidding me."

Angel Kitty is stunned and feeling ridiculed, hides his face with one paw.

Mystery Kitty takes over.

"It's all about high fashion. You see it in Vogue Cat all the time. It's like Madonna says," you have to express yourself." Humans are basically switching up their costumes. On Monday mommy is a librarian. By Friday she's Katy Purry. "

Butterscotch has the floor. " Vogue Cat, Katy Purry. Mystery, you watch too many videos on You Tube. Why should we listen to you, anyway? "

Curio says," yeah, she kissed a mouse and she liked it."

Mystery sticks out her tongue and throws her head back.

Cats On Music

Mystery Kitty says," momma, my brothers are so mean. I'm going to my room and listen to my ipod."

Butterscotch:" It's just as well. We already know her taste in music."

Angel Kitty : "I didn't know you could taste music."

Vanilla Mice Mie Baby: "It tastes like hip hop. "

Angel Kitty makes a face. "I like rock n roll with big hair. Mama's always singing our song, Angel by Aerosmith."

Curio : " I prefer mountain music."

Butterscotch: "Yeah, he knows all the words to, Froggy Went A Courting."

Vanilla : " He has serious issues. That's the weirdest song ever written."

Curio: "Lyrical criticism from the president of Lady Meow Meow's fan club."

Angel Kitty: "You won't catch me listening to pop corn. I'm right there with the legends. Led Zeplin, Bob Seger, Foghat, Journey, Eric Clapton. That's real music."

Vanilla," Lady Meow Meow says no matter Persian, Bob Cat or Manx, kitty you were born this way. Just put your paws up and be proud."

Mystery Sings Lady Gaga:

Mystery comes in from the other room singing," my mama told me when I was young..."

Vanilla : "Hey, sis you can really sing. I could rap for you and in a couple of years we would be nation wide."

Angel: "Only ZZ top is nationwide."

Mystery has the last word." Well, folks, I think you can see the moral to this story. When you go clubbing, leave your brothers at home."

Vanilla says:" hey, sis does mom know you go clubbing ?"

Mystery : "Get real. It's just virtual reality."

Vanilla Wants To Know :

"Can I go? I won't tell mom if you let me go."

Mom's in the kitchen cooking up tuna fish pie. She calls into the den," hey, kitties how's your creative writing assignment coming along?"

Mystery Responds:

"It's great. I wrote the whole thing. These boys don't know how to put a sentence together."

Butterscotch warns his sister," you know we'll get you if you get us in trouble ?"

Mystery Kitty : "SILENCE! It's time for, The Power Puff Girls!"


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author avatar Bet Taylor
28th May 2015 (#)

Hi, I thought this was cleverly written; you have a scripting sense of humor and I love it, especially the last part, the end, "SILENCE! It's time for, The Power Puff Girls!"

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