Serena- Olympian 2012 Gold Medal Tennis Deservant! 30th Olympia

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As history would have it, two sisters who are considered tennis stars in the United States took their raving and excelling skills to the Olympics, 2012 in London. Everyone around the world had their eyes on these two sisters to see if they would indeed stand their ground and win among other tennis stars. Serena- Yes in the Olympic tennis singles! Yes- pairing up with sister Venus- taking the gold in doubles!

Have You Ever Heard of Tennis and the Sport of Tennis?

Well, this is an excellent question. The reason it is such an excellent question is that while many of us are familiar with the game of tennis, we can honestly say that we really don't pay it as much attention as we do to the other sports. Many have said this is a sport that has not been given the recognition that it deserves. Others say it is only because it is a limiting sport, meaning that because it is either for individuals or pairs, not as many people are involved in it as in other sports.

Still it is said that there is no consistency in the number of people who are involved with or participate in tennis. So in schools, throughout the United States, this is a that is not always included among the student choices.

Inspire A Generation!

As it is to be remembered, the motto of the olympics, "Inspire A Generaion." I am sure that this meant so much to so many people. After all, all of the olympians had traveled from throughout the world, nationally and internationally seeking to inspire generations, current, future and past!
The long, tedious journey to the olympics must always be treasured, for no one received an easy ticket for arrival. With much anticipation of victory, winning a Gold Medal, a Silver, Bronze or just other placement representation.

The Sacrifices for Many Beyond Imaginations

I recall hearing one of the newscasters for the Olympics saying that one of the young ladies who won a Gold Medal had not been told when her grandmother passed away a year ago because she was training for the Olympics. Nor did or would they tell her that her mother was seriously ill. It was apparent that the Olympics is serious business and that trainers don't want any interference in the minds and thoughts of the olympians.

So as this motto of "Inspire A Generation" is displayed everywhere, for those who made the ultimate sacrifice of knowing that they may be inspiring a generation of the past, present or future with the sacrifices that they have made to just make it to the Olympics. For most, it is and will be the once in a lifetime chance to experience this unexplainable opportunity!

Inspire A Regeneration!

As it would be said, in the sport of tennis with it's many challenges relative to continuity, consistency and those who succeed, it may be referenced as a regeneration and for some such as Serena, a renewal. This renewal would be demonstrated through what is called unmatched competition.

What happened to the game of tennis as it disappeared from the Olympics after 1924. While there were many long years of struggles to have this game return to the olympics, it had a short spurt of return around 1988. Then, it was like "silence" again. But proudly it has ben stated that 2012 is to go down in history as the year that tennis returned to the Olympics in full!

Ready, Set Go, We All Better Show!

So this sport, got the recognition that it long deserved. After having been shut out for so many years, the leaders in this sport showed up like an "All-Star Team for Tennis! So what happened, everyone who was considered to be a recognized name in the field of tennis got their names in the hat! Not only did they get their names in the hat, they realized that if this sport is to truly be regenerated in the Olympics, they all needed to show up in full force! Yes, that's what they did! Not only were all of these great tennis leaders at the Olympics, they were IN the Olympics!

Well, people came from everywhere to see the world's top tennis players as this is a sport they missed for many years!

Go Serena- You Rock- You Rock- You Rock

Serena Williams while an all time great tennis player in the United States, this time she will be long remembered with all honor and due respect. She will be long remembered for what true Olympians represent! Each of their personal stories have a touch of "beating the odds," and "standing up in the midst of struggles."

Serena was recognized with all pride and joy having just won Wimbledon just recently! So the remembrances of this great achievement still lingered in the hearts and minds of many.

This year made everything extra special of Serena. She had survived and recovered from an injury, but even so, bounced back from what is known as a pulmonary embolism.
So Serena rocks, rocks, rocks when she demonstrated internationally that she again is definitely the "Queen of Tennis," just like Aretha Franklin was known as the "Queen of Soul!"

2012 is the year to Delve- Serena the Gold Medalist!

While Serena has won so many matches in her lifetime, this one, here and now at the 2012 Olympics in London would tell the story. Yes it would tell the story of this 30 year-old who knew that the odds of times and experiences might not allow her similar opportunities ever again. The realities of the here and now were critical. The realities of the here and now smelled victory in the air! The realities of the here and now specified that it is NOW
Gold Medal Time! That it would be!

Age is Nothing But A Number

Serena proved to the world that age is just a number when it comes to winners, those who are talented and those who are domineering winners.

She beat her opponents without too much competition. She won 17 games out of a total of six matches! Wow, this is so awesome!

In the finals, she beat some of the world's top tennis players such as Victoria Azarenka, Caroline Wozniacki and Sharapova. All of them are younger than she is- so she proved age is just a number when you are good! She won the Gold Medal, yes she did!

After that victory, the next day she and her sister, Venus teamed up on tennis doubles and won the Gold Medal! Two Gold Medals yes- in the same family yes!
Go girls, you go!


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