Selfish parents

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Why do kids out there go through hardship lives? I think it would be because there no one to talk to them about the true meaning of life

Selfish parents

Why are there parents who always say "I do" to each other when they are told that they will still stay with each other "forever"

When they get married the couple are now considered a family and soon to be having kids to make their family grow. These kids come out so the parents can teach them about life and that they are to be taught to love their family as well.

But there are parents who just bring kids to this world and expect them to never see their parents together. These are from divorces, divorces that has nothing to do with the kids, yet it still seems like this. They get into problems like this when both of the parents are having trouble from bills, or struggles. Some parents do even blame the kids that they do not want to held responsible for.

These kids then become hard to talk to. They chose the wrong path due to the fact that their parents weren't there to talk to them, to teach them about the right from wrong. I do not know why they do this. They should think about it twice and carefully before getting married and knowing that they will have kids to be responsible for.

Parents should try to hang in there especially if they have kids. There will be downsides but they can be problems that can be solved.


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