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This is about cutting and suicide! I'm just letting people know what their in for with Teenagers!

Teenagers & Suicide/Cutting

Have you ever wondered why teenagers cut or try to commit suicide? Well I have tried that before and I went to the doctor and figured out one reason why teenagers cut. When a teenager cuts it either means they want attention or they don't know it but they are releasing Dobomine, the bodies natural depressant in the blood. So when a teenager cuts it's releasing the hormone. Now suicide comes with depression, feeling abandonment, or just not caring about themselves. In my opinion because I used to cut teenagers just want to be loved the way in the movies and to be loved by their parents. Their just confused, They don't know any better than to think that their life isn't right. But if you just try to talk to them an explain to them that their going to be fine they will most likely stop if they don't then you should seek professional help. I'm not trying to boss parents around cause I myself am not a parent but thats what i would do if i were a parent. See when i was 17 I got kicked out and went into a depression but I got better over time, I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar but I went to the doctor and he said that I was never Bi-Polar so he took me off my medications and I'm doing great! I have been studying for my G.E.D. and am getting a job soon! I'm learning to drive and everything! So if your teenager is cutting or trying to commit suicide, either talk to them about why they might be doing it and explain tothem that it's the hormones in their body they are trying to release or if that doesn't help take them to a therapist!


Cutting, Self Mutilation, Suicide

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14th Apr 2012 (#)


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14th Apr 2012 (#)

Any thoughts other than interesting on the entry? :]

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author avatar Noreen Ann Snyder
15th Apr 2012 (#)

Thanks for sharing, Lucretia. Another reason teens cut themselves (self mutilation) is he or she enjoys the pain because she or he feels like he/she deserves it and feels like a failure. Thanks for sharing once again because you could be saving a teenager's life. Have a great night!

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