Self-Motivation: A Magic in Everyone

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The article is about self-motivation and how one can benefit from it.

Self-Motivation: The Treasure In Everyone

Everyone must have come across a point in their life where everything seems to be going against one’s will or wishes. During this time period most of us lose control of our own self and in the worst case scenario some of us even go into depression. But, very few have the mental strength and awareness to stop, think and act accordingly which helps them to get out of such dire situations. Now the real question is, “Is this a special ability only present in specific people or is it a common skill which can be honed?” Well, the answer to that question lies in two words “SELF-MOTIVATION”.
Self-Motivation is like a hidden treasure which is waiting to be unearthed by one’s self. The amazing fact about self-motivation is that it’s present in everybody, but people who utilize it reap its benefits and people who aren’t aware of its presence tend to go deeper into sadness. Now, since we’re aware that self-motivation exists within ourselves which is the first step to using it, let’s understand how it works. Self-Motivation is no rocket science. Yes it’sextremely simple. Let’s say in layman’s terms, it’s the ability of a person to motivate him or her or to think about positive thoughts irrespective of his or her situation in the real world. Yes, the phrase “irrespective of his or her situation in the real world” is of extreme importance here. Let’s see why.
Many a times we might have come across situations in our day to day life where we tend to drop our shoulders and yell “No. I can’t do this anymore!!!” Sounds familiar. During this particular time we start to think about negative thoughts and we kind of start stringing all negative thoughts together which leads to a point where your inner self tells you that “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”. Now, this happens when something tragic or bad happens in our life. The fascinating thing is that to the contrary, whenever something good happens in our life we tend to lift our shoulders high and yell “Yes. I want more of this!!!” Now what happens here is that, we are in a highly positive frame of mind and we start stringing positive thoughts together and yeah guess what your inner self seems to be enjoying itself and is urging you to be in the same state of mind by telling you that “I WANT MORE OF THIS”.
So, now let’s say something bad happened in our life. Instead of initiating the process of stringing all negative thoughts together, let’s for a change do the following process and see what happens. First just for a moment forget about everything that you’re thinking about and just ask yourself some really tough questions, like for example, “Is this the end for me?” or “Do I have any chance?” or “What to do now?” You’ll be amazed to see that you’ll get a positive reply from your inner self. Suddenly you’ll feel a glimmer of hope rise though your mind, like the commonly used phrase “Light at the end of the Tunnel”. The most important thing in this process is to get the positives from the negatives. This is not as easy as it sounds and yes it takes a lot of mental strength to accomplish this. But, by asking yourself such tough questions you’ve started thinking differently rather than pondering on what’s happened and that different thought will eventually lead to a solution. This process of asking one’s self and moving forward towards a solution is what is called as self-motivation.

We understood what self-motivation is. But, what if we get motivated the other way around? Say for example we asked ourselves a question “Is this the end for me?” and you get a reply from your inner self as “Yeah. You’re doomed” What to do then? This is the danger of self-motivation. You wanted to change negative to positive, but you end up venturing more into the negative. But, the good news is this can be avoided at all costs by linking your thoughts to your questions. Say for example you asked yourself a question “What can I do now?” and you picture yourself getting out of some bad situation unhurt. What this does is, it kind of tells your inner self that “Hey, I know I’m in a bad situation, but guess what I want to come out of it” This sort of aligns your thinking within yourself and removes any doubt or fear which may lead to further negativity.So, the most important factor which self-motivation depends on is positive thinking.
Now, we understood what self-motivation is and how it works. But, how to implement it? Is there any time or place where we can use it? Is there any particular method? There is no fixed time or place or method to get self-motivated. It’s a process which can be practiced anywhere and anytime. There are certain ways by which it can be done. One of the most popular methods is called “SELF TALKING”. This is the process where we kind of literally speak with ourselves like we’re speaking with others. This is a highly effective method and must not be overdone. Sure. Nobody wants to think that you’re a lunatic speaking with yourself for hours. The other way (the way I follow) is by thinking positively and by asking these questions to yourself through you mind rather than speaking loudly. This gives me the advantage of utilizing this method whenever I want to whether I’m at work or home or travelling. But, both these methods are equally good and can be followed to motivate you.
All I wanted to convey with this article is never get the feeling that you’re done or finished or you don’t have a chance. Everybody in this world is facing some problem or the other, so there’s no reason to pound yourself when things go wrong for you. Always remember anything bad is followed by good and anything good is followed by bad. Whenever you get yourself tangled in a situation where you’ve got nobody to look up or speak to, trust yourself and motivate yourself and there is nobody who can judge your situation better than yourself. By the way don’t restrict yourself to only self-motivation. There are many other ways to get motivated. Watching motivational speeches, videos or listening to your favorite music are some ways by which you can align your thoughts and get motivated as well. So get motivated, keep motivating others and always keep finding ways to motivate yourself which will help you overcome your problems.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
29th May 2015 (#)

Uplifting post, thanks Govindraj. One of my ways is to think of those who seem to have nothing but go about their lives without complaint, and I also think of those who seem to have everything but wants more and more!

I acknowledge the negative path but know when to turn back - siva

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