Secrets of Long-Term Love

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without bothering for the longevity of the relationship, the partners must focus on intensifying their mutual love, the longevity of the relationship shall become inevitable. Here are some simple ways to intensify love and have a long loving partnership.

Longevity versus Intensity of Love

Indeed there is no secret of a long love-life, but simply loving naturally with care in distress and sharing pleasures in togetherness.
Longevity of love life of a couple is more important than intense love between the two. While the first provides long-term happiness to the two, the latter is limited to providing short-term pleasures. However, the two work in togetherness, supplementing each other, with the couple enjoying long term happiness through day-to-day pleasures. Therefore, without bothering for the longevity of the relationship, the partners must focus on intensifying their mutual love, the longevity of the relationship shall become inevitable. Here are some simple ways to intensify love and have a long loving partnership.


Love often begins when the two know little about each other, most often through an attraction of any or both. This, indeed, is not love, but a process of knowing each other better for adjudging whether there exists a possibility of developing mutual love. The attraction provides a positive background at this judgmental stage.
Some persons opine that a love does not need judging each other but just loving each other. I strongly differ with this view, a minute study of the partner followed by a judgment is essential for the love, if at all, to be intense and long lasting. Mutual appreciation of personality traits is a precondition for mutual love and no appreciation is possible without a judgment.

Adventurous Togetherness

Routine life proves boring for anybody in a long run, while adventures add colors to it. It is true for couples too. Taking up adventurous tasks, together by the couple, needs each other’s assistance intensifying their sense of togetherness and dependence, and hence mutual appreciation and love. This way, mutual care and share also get tried, tested and intensified.
This point bears a natural derivation that each one of us loves someone who stands handy and helpful in case of a necessity. Such a situation is hard to be arrived at in routine life while an adventure brings this instantly.

Sexual Rediscoveries

Sex is a field in which discovering each other is endless and such discoveries provide thrills to the life of togetherness. It also keeps the relationship ever-fresh and full of curiosities about each other. Such a chain of discoveries about each other makes the attraction to one-time relationship with someone else worthless while such one-time attractions often jeopardize loving relationships between a couple.
Circumstances of the couple keep on changing with time, so are their desires, capabilities, lifestyles, etc. Every such change is coupled with a need of rediscovering the partner's sexuality and sensuality, to have ever new sexual pleasure from each other.

Being Providers of Love

In a loving relationship, desire of any one to get something from the other proves detrimental to the relationship. Instead, both should be ever-eager to provide something to each other. The provision is reflected back instantly with the both getting what they intended to get. In this game, nobody is a loser. It is just a matter of setting of the priorities, between what comes first - getting or providing, favoring the latter.
Provision of love works like expression and impression, while one can only express but can't ensure impressing the other but if the expression is genuine and effective, the right impression follows. In love, one can only provide without ensuring to get, but he/she surely gets the desired thing if the provision is genuine and effective.

Mutual Adaptability

Having fixed notions about oneself or the other and conducting oneself accordingly does not work well in a loving relationship. Each one of us changes as circumstances changes, and these keep on changing every instant. Therefore, both the partners must be conscious about adapting themselves to the changes in the other.
Assumption by any ‘I am who I am and will remain so’ is highly dangerous to a relationship. Instead, both must believe that he/she is made for the other, with readiness to change to suit the other at every instant. This needs suppression of ego of the self for the sake of love. Since, this suppression is two-way, nobody remains a loser but both remain victors in winning love of each other.

Thinking in terms of Twosome

In a deep loving relationship, even the personal spaces are eliminated or reduced to a minimum which are otherwise considered essential for having one’s own individuality. When in love, both the partners need to think in terms of the twosome, as far as the relationship is concerned. All pains and pleasures are cared and shared mutually without any reservations by any of the two.
When one of the partner is in some pain or distress, a few loving words from the other a lot cementing the bond of love. Similarly, when one partner finds joy in something, sharing it with the other also intensifies love between the two.


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21st Jul 2015 (#)

Great article! Know each other well is a huge part of any relationship. Respecting other is also very important. Being there for the other when needed is a very valuable point.

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sad none commented one has to find a readability society

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