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Nowerdays 'Child Sexual Abuse' is increasing all over the world. Identifying the absuers and ask them to stop this is not an easy thing. But parents can pervent their children from abuse by advising their children.

'NO' is an important word

'NO' is a negative word. But it is an important word in a child's life. There are two kinds of NOs in a child's life.The 1st one: The child should be trained to say a strong, loud NO whenever it is needed. The 2nd one: The child should learn to listen and obey to parents' or teachers' NO.

Sexual abuse

In most countries, children after nine year old, are given sexual education in schools. This education helps the children to prevent them from sexual abuse. But, are children abused only after nine years? No, many children all over the world are being abused sexualy from their early ages, all over the world. But sexual education in pre school age is not suitable. So how can we protect our small children from sexual abuse?

Most of the abusers are not strangers. Friends, neighbours and relatives can be abusers. And they are very kind and friendly. So it is very difficult for small children to identify them from real friends and good adults. The parents can explain this problem in simple way to their children.

What should be explained by the parents?

1. This is your body. Only you have the rights on it.
2. Your body shouldn't be touched by others for unnecessary resons. But, you
must allow the doctor to test your body if it is necessary; allow your mother or
caregiver to give you bath.
3. Some times you like to be huged by others. For example: By mum, by papa, by
friends. Some times you don't want to be huged. If you don't want to be huged or
don't want to be kissed, don't let them to do so. Say a big,loud 'NO'.
4. If anybody continued to touch your body without your permision let it know to your
parents. .

Train them to say 'NO'

The child has the rights on its own body. So train them to say 'No', when they physicaly disterbed. Though it is your child it want to be huged even by you some times. When the child say ' NO' respect it's NO. So the child can be able to understand, peaple who don't respect it's 'NO' are dangerous people.

Again the sumarry

1. Train your child to say 'NO' bravely whatever it dosen't like.
2. Respect the child's 'NO' and let it understand, it must be careful to those who
don't listen it's 'NO'.


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28th Mar 2010 (#)

Thanks for this great post. People need to be awakened regarding this serious issue, especially in places where people are conservative about talking on such issues.

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28th Mar 2010 (#)


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