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A selected collection of SMS over the years documented before it fades from the surge of modern and ever changing means of communication.

Random and Unfathom

"More than kisses,
letters mingle souls
-John Donn

The following mobille Short Message Service (SMS) were painstakingly collected the last 10years and was fortunate enough to have survived from the test of ever changing phone models including platform. They are are personal at times commercially created and forwarded but most of the times were random and unfathom treasures specially when one remembers the event that conspired them to reach and touch my soul.

Family and Friends

From Dolly former colleague
- 2004

“everything u’v done will become some1els’s memory. D person might 4get d exact wordz u said but no way 2 make dem 4 get d way u made dem feel."
Tnx 2 ur msge Sir
Kuya Ramon a brother since birth

For every dream in your heart.. God gives u inspiration.. for every hope you seek God gives u unxpctd miracles.. may you feel God’s blessing always..

- 1 of ds days ill invite u d2 here in Lipa & lykly within da next 2 wks da next 2 wks ok will update u asap i just need to rush am cooking rice!

- Life struggles and challenges contnues!

-My kids look like only a great delge can stop them beng hnored this graduation day hahaha! A real fruit of the clan Even my 5 year od Jano is very bright & talented .. I wud invite you one of this days for a beer!

-A blissful and warm day for the families and near to our hearts!
Thanks for the assistance when i got confined for 11days due to emotional &; mental stress..
Just needng Need addtnal rest here@ homebase.. warmest rgrds to all

(garbled mesage)
Will Update everyone by Feb 14!

(A poem)
i'd like to send roasted pig
Attached with season's ham
But Then i remember
it can never be
so am just texting you
its Zero cholesterol

-God want us to live like the grass..Even if it is stepped on, crushed, burned & cut, it always persists & ; grows back even greener &; stronger..

Susie Larona an ex politician
I ask God to:
…Make u happy
...make u smile
... guide u Safely thru every mile
...give u wisdom
...give u health
...most of all give u BLESSING all the time..

From Ayet a Half Brother
Things to do to get away from trouble this New Year:
1. Don't pick up something that was already fired upon
2. withdraw your gun become it comes
3. if already fired, try washing it immediately -sometimes it works,
4. don't shoot in public-its embarrassing:
5. Never hesitate to ask if it's ”safe” before you shoot,
If its ”safe” shoot at will!

M.Cayento from Grad School

Start a new beginning 2gdr wd d guidans of God Lift up everything unto Him ol d good desires of ur heart. May God bless u & ur family ds coming new year.

Maribel an acquaintance

is a gud time to :remember “ all the sweet things & a;; sweet person in your “life”, so sleep well with your “SWEET MEMORIES” ghud nyt..

Noyskie A half brother
Chinese fen shui ds New year:
No.1 Mirror in the stair is lucky..fortune are approaching 2 u.
No.2 Mirror on the dooris lucky.., blessings are coming in.
No.3 if Mirror are in the ceiling..u r very lucky..youre inside a motel!

From Eno: (a son) wd his first phone-2009

Feb 19
- I luv u Dad even if you're mad ..that's ok Gud night

-Dad we have family day on feb 8 1:30 do come, gud news I beat a 3rd yr student the best player- a girl standing 2-4 race 2 5 almost got los but was able go bak stand 2-0

Feb 2
- gud night god bless u luv u

From Extended Family

Mama Joy: An adopted mother,a Friend

A correspondence in my darkest nights:

March 12, 2009
“ surely blessing I will bless you, and multiplying I will multiply you “ Hebrew 6:14
God is helpful and HE fulfilled many miracles.. Malay mo kuahon ta niya karon. Are we ready?

March 10
”heavy rains remind me of challenges in life..
Never ask for a lighter rain.. Just pray for a better umbrella..” have a peaceful mind! Gud am

Jan 30 2009

Wht im so grateful to d Lord bcuz u knw what to do esp. n times of dstress, aflctions and confusions u knw whom to seek 1st. Tnx God ur brothers got u who is so concern of their spiritual lyf. May God bless u, nw and 4ever.

Jan 27
At times, quiet reflections & meditation is the kind of prayer that allows the presence of the FAther to permeate our souls & to enrich our lives

Jan 27

-If you doubt that Jesus cares remember His tears. (john 11:35)

-I opened an acct 4 u at the BANK of God’s Blessing & deposited 365 days full of love. Faith, happiness & contentment. Enjoy widrawing dem . Hav a blessed new yr!

My own message: to Mama Joy on her birthday:
Dec 15 2008
Ma, I wish you a very Happy Birthday
Hope you'll have a great day today how ever grand or modest it will be
If I can have my say
I'll make it memorable as I can for the reason I need not say
But alas, all I can do is pray
That God looks after you in His own way
As for your special day today
I wish in good health and spirit you'll stay
.as my mentor, adviser, true friend and a mother!

-Mama Joy continued:

Nov 22
It is not what we eat but what we say that defiles us; Not what we gain but what we share that makes us rich: Not what we rwead but what we remember that makes us learned; and NOT what we profess but what we practice that gives integrity. God Bless!

Oct 28

Sept 3
"Don’t let your heart & mind be troubled b4 u close ur eyes
Take a single moment 2 put urself n2 deep silence calm ur soul,"
; hv a lil talk w/ God.. gud am..c”,)

the fish said:
I cant see my tears cause Im in the water”
The water said:
“I can feel your tears cause youre in my heart”

Perfect love means putting up with other peoples short comings, feeling no surprise at their weakness, finding encouragement even in the slightest evidence of good qualities in them, gud am!

August 19
Pour it out to the Lord God knws everything and HE knws wht s good 4 u, trust God wth ol ur heart, and trust Him dat He controls everything. He knws ur innermost being mor dan u. ur deepest ffelings He knws it ol too wel, so hwt s d wory ol about. I thnk God wants u to wait. Pls don’t be mpatient..just be calm read psalm 46 God bless u mor

August 2
Real friends never leave each other..
Never part.. they just sumtyms sit silently deep w/ in each others HEART, sayin’…
Im JUST HERE if you need ME!”

July 23 know very well if I could change d course of tym I will do it 4 u both jst to c u happy. Whm bt I knw God wil reward u 4 doing His wil, Lets hope pry n d mean tym make God d priority of ur lyf nd I knw u wil nt be n vain in so doing just remain faithful to Him nd continue koling me mama. GOD BLESS

May 25

live life 1 day at a tym..
share it wid people who mattrs most 2 you..
for alyf s little jar of mixed memories
so fill it wid people worth remembrn..!


Saigon de Manila©

Credits and Epilogue:

Some messages were translated from original language. Most are unabridged based on prevailing shorten word, brevity and form widely use in SMS

Images are all my own free copyrighted sites

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I too treasure text messages...and tend to keep them on my phone forever....once I just must make room -and finally delete them- they remain in my heart...each one a moment in time ,the everyday of life shared...
. SaigonDeManila what wonderful wisdom here...I much enjoyed reading this page...:0)

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Thank you Delicia, saving messages was an accidental thing because way back I dont have a smart phone with huge memory not to delete this daily gems. I even lost several phones sometimes as much as 4 phones a year! One time i was upgrading a phone and transferred the sim and noticed old messages are still on it. So there with the help of my PC and emails I was able to archive most of these. =)

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SaigonDeManila had to come back to add as much as this morden means of communicating adds to our daily life- the lost art of letter writing or even taking time- to let those we do not keep in touch with everyday understand, they too -still remain in our hearts...much needed thoughts to ponder in this fast moving , ever changing world...

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Very true Delicia, though the language is quite evolving adapting to the limitiation and the pace that basically makes a subversion of the English language to the point of incomprehensibility gives birth to mobile /internet language due to SMS leads to abbreviate words for the sake of ease and adherence to the character limit of text messages. Still, the effort is quite a revival of flourish personal commnication in lieu of formal letter writing and or the hallmark cards we had in our generation.

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Interesting page

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Thanks Randhir for your usual interestng comment.😇

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