Rupture of the amniotic sac and amniotic fluid loss

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One of the biggest concerns is whether pregnant women can become lost amniotic fluid. It is well known that the amniotic sac is a membranous structure containing tight amniotic fluid, which is the liquid that surrounds the fetus and guarantees their welfare. They are afraid of not knowing the difference between water breaking, or urine flow.

Rupture of the amniotic sac and amniotic fluid loss

So in this post I'll give some clues for this to stop worry and, again, I say, at what point do you see your doctor.

Typically, the amniotic sac breaks the hours before birth or during labor, but it is true that in certain cases, it may burst in the early weeks of pregnancy.

Now we explain the difference between water breaking and cracks that may occur in the amniotic sac.


Most often, spontaneous rupture of the bag is large and liquid comes out quickly and abundantly, and continually. In this case, no doubt arises because the amount of flow or urine is not so large.

In addition, the amniotic fluid is colorless or white, thinner and sometimes the flow contains white particles floating or traces of blood.


There are times when there are small cracks in the bag amnotica either by trauma, infection or other unknown causes. This really is more dangerous, because the amount of amniotic fluid that comes out is a very small and sometimes imperceptible.

If we doubt if we have broken the amniotic sac must:

Well pee to empty the bladder and check for any leakage. We then place them in the panty cloth or towel and dark, like a napkin. Desu├ęs, we will walk and toseremos several times. If the bag is broken, we will appreciate a spot of greater or less liquid on the cloth. If is not broken, the cloth is dry, or at most with discharge, which is more thick and viscous.

If we are clear that we have broken the bag or if you still have doubts, it is best to go immediately to hospital. If confirmed the break, will have to enter and take appropriate measures to ensure the health and welfare of the fetus.


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21st Jul 2012 (#)

I agree, when in doubt, go to the doctor. Both the times I have given birth, they had to break mine for me, right before delivery. Thank you for sharing.:)

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