Roles of Parents in a Person's Life

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Each of us came into existence on this earth through his/her parents and usually grows to be full-fledged person under their care, guidance and inspiration and most importantly through their sacrifices of their own pleasures for the sake of our comforts and growth.

What a Person Gets from Parents

Each of us came into existence on this earth through his/her parents and usually grows to be full-fledged person under their care, guidance and inspiration and most importantly through their sacrifices of their own pleasures for the sake of our comforts and growth. Thus, parents had been indispensable to each of us, if not today.
Parents influence a person's life at macro as well as micro level from birth until the latter's death. These influences are principally through genetic link, guidance, inspiration and inheritance apart from the care they provide during childhood of the person. There are two ways, a person's life may get affected by his/her parents -
What the parents provide to the person, are of two types :
1. those dependent on the person's will - wealth and legal rights, education and guidance.
2. those imposed on the person whether he/she likes them or not - blood relationship including diseases and genetic traits.
What the person acquires from his/her parents, too, are of two types :
1. those dependent on the parents will - name and fame.
2. those acquired by the person whether the parents like or not - inspiration.
In the following sections, we shall be studying these four types of influences of parents on a person's life

Wealth and Legal Rights

Provision of wealth and other legal rights of parents to a person is governed by legal framework of the country or by convention of the society, the person belongs to. In some cases, it makes a considerable impact on the person's life where the parents are wealthy and the person is non-deserving.
Importance of wealth ownership by a person is highly subjective issue depending on the person's attitude towards wealth. But one thing is certain about the wealth that it is a perishable commodity with respect to the person and great efforts are required by the person to preserve its ownership.

Education and Guidance

All parents have a natural wish to educate and guide their children, but the children care for these in varying degrees and hence get these accordingly. Resources of the parents matter to a limited extent only in this respect, but intellectual constitution of the person matters considerably for how much the person gets benefits of parental education and guidance.
The greatest factor that matters is the interest the person has in receiving parental education and guidance and this, in turn, depends on the person's views about his/her parents. This inheritance works best when the person has high esteem for his/her parents which is not the case always.

Blood Relations

It is generally observed that a person has physical features from any or many of his/her six ancestors -
1. father,
2. mother,
3. grand-father,
4. grand-mother,
5. maternal grand-father, and
6. maternal grand-mother.
Here, I must clarify that genetic link and blood relationship are two different things for a person. Through genetic links, a person carries genes in his/her body having information from his/her ancestors, but through the blood relationship, the person's blood-constitution is dependent on his/her ancestors through which the person inherits physical features. Diseases are inherited through blood relationship, while the intellect, creativity, etc. are results of genetic links.

Genetic Traits

An individual is primarily what he/she is made by his genetic link to all his/her ancestors through his/her parents. But a majority of the genetic information in the person's body remain dormant for most of his/her life span with a few remaining active to make-up his/her personality traits. Thus, a person may have traits from any or many of his/her ancestors, mostly determined by sub-conscious level of mind of the person. But there lies a possibility of making any of the ancestor's genetic link active and contributing to his/her personality. My researches on this issue are in their infancy stage.
Apart from this observation, some persons are found to have traits of their respective ancestors of many generations back, but since these traits may also be present in later generations of ancestors too, the person is said to inherit traits from the latest ancestor with link to the earlier ancestor remaining unnoticed. For example, I am said to have traits like those of my father's younger brother who had died many years before my birth. In this observation, my genetic link with an earlier ancestor is overlooked.

Name and Fame

Crediting name and fame of parents to a person's name is dependent on both - the parents as well as the person him/herself because any one may disown the other for such a credit transfer. But, often, a person gets benefits and discredits for his/her parents' name and fame. Even if a person wishes to get dissociated with it, the memory of the society keeps him/her associated with the parents name and fame - positive or negative. This factor remains highly dominant in a person's life in orthodox societies like that of India, while in America, it hardly matters.


Since, the mother is the closest friend and guide to a child, she is the primary source of inspiration for a person. The marital bond between the person's parents and their quality of mutual relationship bring in father of the person to inspire him/her, apart from the father's own characteristics and personality attributes and the care he directly provides to the child influence his/her personality. Thus, both the parents play pivotal roles in inspiring a person.


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author avatar brendamarie
17th Jul 2015 (#)

Very interesting views.

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author avatar peachpurple
17th Jul 2015 (#)

I learn to be a parent through trials and mistakes, not from my parents

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author avatar LivelyAurora
17th Jul 2015 (#)

There are some people out there that shouldn't have children. There are so many examples, its really miserable. Even though, some of the people that go through the worst conditions from their parents still made it. Micheal Jackson is a great example.

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author avatar GV Rama Rao
18th Jul 2015 (#)

A person is what his upbringing makes him. The parents have a significant role in the evolution of an individual.

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