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We reward children to admire them. Through rewarding children understand their conduct, for which they are rewarded, is correct. But main thing here is when to reward.

Reward for children

"Yuooohu.. I'll get €2 from papa today!" shouted 8 year old Tim who I cared for in the afternoons. He was sitting at the dining table. I was busy with serving meals. "Why?, I asked him. "Because I have got good mark for mathematics," he told happily. I was so sure that he was happy not for getting a handsom mark for mathematics. He was happy because of the €2 which he was going to get as reward.

The next day the same time; the same dining table. "Have you got your €2,"I asked Tim, when I was serving meals. "No," replied Tim. "Why? What happened?" I asked.
"My papa had no time but, he promised that he would give it tomorrow," answered Tim.
The brightnes of his face was missing when saying this.

What is here wrong?

Tim seemed to be dull because, he was not rewarded as promised. Tim was sure and I was also sure that the papa would give €2 to Tim the next day or some other day. But children like Tim have no patience to wait for happiness.

The rewards must be given to children at the spot, as promised. Whenever we postphoned the reward the children may forget for what they are being rewared.

Take it serious

Reward is a good tool to encourage children to do good things. Most of the time the children are not sure that their actions or activities are write or wrong. They need adults help to verify writes and wrongs. Just giving advises are sometimes forgetable and sometimes boring. But if we reward a child for his good activity or action he can easily understood that his activits is correct. After that, the child will try to do the same thing again and again in his life. Rewards promote self-esteem in children.

The reward can be €1 or €20. Or sometimes it can be a present. The price or amount of the reward can be veriable. That depends on the parents' financial situations. That is not the point hear. In my account that is not important.

The important thing is 'The reward must be given on the sopt as promised.'That will be more effective than giving it on the next day or the next week.


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author avatar Archuuthan
19th Mar 2010 (#)

well done acca...very very gd one...........

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author avatar Marlin Lawrence
19th Mar 2010 (#)

your article is very useful

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author avatar Shamini
24th Mar 2010 (#)

Very Good effort. All the best for your future. Keep up your good work.

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author avatar Sofia
24th Mar 2010 (#)

Thank you.

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author avatar SUJI
27th Mar 2010 (#)

this is very good article,I like it

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author avatar Thamira
27th Mar 2010 (#)

It was a very good story and I think it taught my mum a lesson.

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author avatar Sofia
27th Mar 2010 (#)

Thankyou. Your remark made me happy and to laugh.

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