Retirement life and its fruitful utilisation of leisure time

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Retirement life is a challenging ,undaunted period..During this phase life will be enriched with no of activities like doing household jobs, playing with grand children,pets,reading daily newspapers,books,watching tv shows..More over, we may be engaged in developing the hobby of playing indoor and outdoor games and writing poetry , short story and essays.and frequent travelling thus retired life may be termed as a golden period .

Retirement life and its productive utility

Retirement is a normal happening in our service life Retirement means permanently taken rest from active service life .We generally discuss about the fruitfulness of active service life. When we are retired,it is our common belief that life has come to an end But this is not the fact . It may not be out of place to mention the time of initiating service career when one enters into active service life,one can not bear in mind that a day may come when one may retire from service life.Hence it goes without saying that the retirement phase may be taken gracefully.. During this phase ,to lead a hassle free life is a prime agenda, off course, if there remains sanctioned pension.But in normal circumstances, life does not move in that way.Though pension is sanctioned,retired life does not cope up with this' not so substantial' amount, It is a hard fact that we can not ignore it .More over, there are other liabilities we have to discharge, if it remains unattended to, then it will be a major problem required to be solved ..Retirement life varies from person to person. If we count upon the issue, this phase should be taken sportingly and gracefully. It is a fact that it is very difficult to fruitfully utilise the free and leisure time that is made available after retirement. It is also true that to remain engaged in daily household job is also challenging and time consuming one.. Besides these, a considerable time may be earmarked in reading daily news papers.reading periodicals and different types of books, watching tv shows video,games and undertake travelling.But this is the way to gainfully utilise our precious time in life Internet surfing is also a favourite pasttime in our days.Mentally we should not be over burdened with the negative side of retirement. the negative impact may dampen our spirit and damage our energy.

How to utilise leisure time

The leisure time may be gainfully used by writing poetry, short story and essays. We may remain even engaged in various social issues of the day by doing social work.It is also quite pertinent to draw up a well knit plan and move accordingly Developing hobby encourages us how to spend our leisure time. Apart from these, playing with grand children binds us with strong family ties.and teaches the grand children the very basics of strong family life. Playing with pets keep us busy..But all these are not all.To select a hobby and proceed accordingly may be chosen. .In many cases we may restart further study from the place from where we have left. ThusWe may enrich ourselves. We may engage in indoor games like chess.playing cards video games table tennis,carom etc and outdoor games like Badminton,lawn tennis etc So retirement phase may not be termed as dull one.Rather it is a golden phase .Those who are retired should not get despair. Retired life may be enjoyed by picking up one or two hobbies,besides other household duties.

creativity of leisure time

One may be engaged in car driving.painting, photography, videography etc if one tries to utilise one's time in a creative fashion. During this retirement phase,one may remain busy with one's own physical fitness and mental alertness.Walking, jogging and hopping and yogic exercises keep the body physically fit.Annual health check up keeps the body to remain fit.


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