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My husband and I both retired in the summer. At the time we were apprehensive. Would we drive each other mad being together all the time? Would we manage financially?

A new beginning.

My husband and I both retired in the summer. At the time we were apprehensive. Would we drive each other mad being together all the time? Would we manage financially?

Luckily it is absolutely fine, in fact better than fine it is fabulous. We are doing things which we always said we would do but never had the time. One of the great joys is getting up when we like, sitting in our PJs, eating breakfast whilst watching morning t.v or reading the newspaper. I am sure the novelty will wear off so we are enjoying it while we can.

One vital thing that we have come to realise is the importance of proper financial planning. We have been saving like mad for the past ten years. Luckily it has paid off and we have enough to live on with a bit left over for a few luxuries. However, this approach has meant sacrifices along the way. People have hard decisions to make, spend now or save for the future. They have to decide what works for them. All I would say is our life would not be as pleasant if we had to count every penny at this stage of our lives.

Difficult decisions.

The downside of this pleasant existence is, if we are not careful, life takes on a mañana quality. There are jobs that we have been intending to do for 6 months that are still uncompleted. We often need the newspaper to settle the argument, is it Monday or Tuesday? Daytime TV has become very appealing!!

Ideas you may find useful

I have noted below some of my thoughts on money matters. I am no financial expert and in no position to advise anybody on financial matters.

1. Repayment mortgage - paying even a small amount above the required payment will result in either a sizeable reduction in the total amount you have to pay back or the length of the mortgage.
2. Company Pension Schemes - Pension is a very complicated subject and it is always best to speak to a financial adviser. However, often people overlook the contributions the employers are prepared to make into the scheme which is offered by the company. If you opt out it is very unlikely that company contributions translate into extra pay.
3. Government constantly tinkers with the laws on savings and pensions. Spread your savings and investments in a variety of ways.
4. Regularly monitor performance of your savings and investments and take action as appropriate.


A Truthful Account, The Pros And Cons Of Retirement

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Retired Nursery teacher. Wife, mother & nana. Love travel, gardening, drinking coffee, eating cake. Of which I will be writing later.

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author avatar Mahaki
8th Jan 2010 (#)

When YOU have "no money poblems"...its easier to get along,being in "each.others.face"
DAILY is another day 2 day REALITY confrontation.and many more besides....ONLY
OSTRICHES with their "arses in the air" belives LIFE is "hunky-dory"

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author avatar Mahaki
8th Jan 2010 (#)


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author avatar Sam Wormleighton
13th Jan 2010 (#)

Mahaki - your poetry is bizarre. That was a poem attempt wasn't it? I'm reading it as some kind of dadaist expressionism, shedding the constraints of structure and sense.

I'll have a go.

The DAY will come ... "no.face.each.other", 2 many fears. with FEET on THE GROUND we chase "dora-the-explorer".and no-one believes the life of a "FEATHER"

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author avatar Val Mills
15th Feb 2011 (#)

Both semi-retired, my husband and I work part-time from home. We really enjoy working together, going out for lunch together, and giving each other space when needed.

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author avatar Tranquilpen
21st Feb 2012 (#)

I am retired and don't have enough hours in a day to do all the stuff I missed out on while working full time. I plan on being around for quite a while yet. Great share, thank you.

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