Retirement, Where The Living Is Not Easy

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Why those retirement years are now filled with so much worry of where one will find enough money to keep pace with the cost of living.

Retirement, Where The Living Is Easy

Ah, yes! The joys of retirement living especially in Florida. Where now one is free to while away the hours much like our most illustrious benevolent legislatures where anything meaningful passes never happens. I continue to pass the days as the Scarecrow once put it, conferring with the flowers, cursing every weed I pull. It's not so bad! I could still be up and out by 5:30 AM everyday to go to a job that's if they were still available, only to face an unsympathetic boss earning not enough to get by. At least now Social Security offers a pittance of a living wage increase every year. But wait, that too will be a thing of the past.

Retirement, where the living is easy. That's what they want you to think. It's not! It could be if I was one of the 1%. Luckily, though I had a pension from all those years I worked for Social Security alone makes the living now pretty harsh. Our trusted leaders of state should do well to keep that in mind because one day they too will be where I am now. With all our budget cutting bureaucrats pen at the ready to swipe away hard earned pensions is a most futile attempt at cost saving.

In all the years I pursued by professional career the United States, our country, was throwing away the building blocks of education, middle income wage jobs, and our ability to compete in a global economy. All that is left now is a rude awakening to what 40 years of bureaucratic meddling has brought about. For all us retirees the gulf cart reality will have to wait a while longer. When we are able to dispense with Food Stamps, when medical expenditures are not having to make the choice between food or medicine, when everyday utility costs stabilize, and all the other contingencies that rip open our wallets prohibit the joy of fulfilling ones passions whether it is traveling or doing any activity that keeps the Grim Reaper at bay will we be able to say retirement where the living is easy.

It is quite ironic that 40 years ago my father realized the golf cart reality. Fulfilling life long passions after years of toiling away. Now it is my turn. But, for most of my generation the golf cart reality is a place far off in the distance many will never reach. A sad commentary for the times when one is trapped into existing and not living. Many still have no choice. When we have entrusted public officials to make legislative decisions for us only to have those decisions benefit those making the legislation keeps reoccurring. The failure to grasp the concept of legislation formulated for our whole societies advancement most often vanishes. The past 40 years is evidence that our society as a whole as regressed. Sure, technology advances have made significant strides but in most instances that technology which was supposed to benefit society as a whole only keeps benefiting so few.

It is not so hard to comprehend that to resurrect the plight of so many where people all across the country will be able to live and not just exist. Where dreams and aspirations are realized. Where our whole society is assured of prosperity and free form want. Where peace and harmony fills every day and not just this time of the year. Where the four pillars of this nation Liberty, Justice, Education and Morality are restored enabling us all to realize when your turn arrives like me to be able to say "Retirement where the living is easy." It is possible only when the deterrents of compromise in our legislative bodies from state houses to Washington come together and stop continuing to threaten the public with drastic measures. These budget cutting "Wizards" of state in actuality are undermining and doing the opposite of what it takes to secure this nation now and for the future.

The future lies in implementing National Economic Reform. Ten Articles of Confederation that embody the requirements essential for uniting this nation and securing our future. Only then will the retirees be able to live where the living is easy.


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Thanks for thought provoking article.

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